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By Kate Smith, February 25, 2020

Living Room Marketing Dazzles Them All

One of the driving forces to me wanting to join the Living Room team was how connected I felt to their marketing. It really is the best in the game. Everything Living Room does and puts out into the world is deeply thought out and connected to the higher vision of the company. Today, I closed my first deal as a Living Room agent and I was pleased to pass on one of our Living Room Gift boxes as a closing gift. As my client was opening it up in her very first home, she said, “As someone who works in marketing, Living Room really knows what they are doing. Everything they do is so cute!” I beamed, smiled, and agreed. I feel so honored to represent Living Room and this incredible brand!



Kate Smith


My philosophy about real estate is that I am here to help two parties (buyer and seller) find each other and complete a transaction as smoothly as possible. Buying and selling homes can be emotional experiences, and I am here to ensure you have a professional advocate to help you through the necessary steps. My job is to obtain the best price, terms and conditions for my client. I also believe real estate transactions are far more satisfying to both parties when closing is a pleasant experience for everyone, and my goal is to do everything I can to relieve the stress, and help problem solve through any issues that may arise. I pride myself on being a pleasant realtor to work with. I stride to always communicate respectfully, professionally and in a timely manner with all parties involved. I also take a personal interest in every client I work with. The sale and/or purchase of your home is as important to me as it is to you. That is my commitment to you! I look forward to helping make your next real estate transaction a pleasant and painless experience, and hopefully even a little fun!
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