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Your Newest Woodlawn Neighbor

By Stephanie Fox, December 27, 2019

Congratulations to Lizzi! She bought her first home and in a hoppin’ location where she is sure to make a buck over the years- in Woodlawn.

She handled business and landed in one of the sweetest pockets in Portland where neighborhood gems are a’ plenty. We’re talking Ranch Pizza (my personal favorite), The Oregon Public House (bites and drinks with a cause- philanthropub, which basically makes this a need based stop), Tamale Boy, Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wine Co, Woodlawn Coffee, Good Neighbor Pizzeria, Firehouse (yum), and Breakside Brewery (happy hour magic + brews, heyo).

She’s got a low maintenance 1981 built ranch with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, a double car garage, and a hard to find, big ole’ .13 acre lot where her beloved Penne pup can run about.

Perks of an 80’s ranch, you ask? A good foundation with accessible plumbing, a single level layout that will be approved by generations for years to come (especially while Portland is short on space and building UP instead of out- see many single story new builds out there? Didn’t think so) and likely some recently updated systems (think about the lifecycle of a 30 year roof, a 15 year water heater, and a 20 year furnace). The list continues! No underground storage tank to worry about (because of no oil heat), and a non-recalled electric panel that one might find in the 50’s-70’s houses. Sometimes those Federal pacific panels show through the end of the 70’s but come 1980 you’re likely in the clear. Besides all of that, it’s a real cutie. Play with paint and light fixtures in a house like this and you can really shake up some new age vibes.

I got a friend out of the deal, and she got a home that she will fill with love. A real win/win. Here’s a photo of her house, her beautiful baby dog, and us because clearly we are excited.



Stephanie Fox


I've lived in and loved Oregon all my life. An early obsession with houses and all that happens inside them, plus a sincere interest in human connections is what led me to the real estate world. Having degrees in leadership and management and human resources, I have found a real pleasure in connecting that special, sappy community feel to real estate. Buying and selling homes is a huge deal and I want my clients to feel supported throughout the process. A few promises if we get to work together: education | communication | guidance | commitment | community. You will not be left in the dark- ever. *Wanting to sell a home?* I will help guide you through the prepping and the primping. Offering fresh marketing and a thorough approach to get you the best sale possible. *Wanting to buy a home?* I will keep you up to speed by walking carefully through repair options and negotiation strategies. I will connect you with the necessary service people like roofers, HVAC technicians, and even interior designers. Years after the sale has closed? That same service still applies. I really love this business. I love working with wonderful humans to accomplish such a significant goal. I love looking at and getting to constantly learn new things about homes and the stories they hold. I love a good, win-win negotiation where everyone gets to walk away happy. And since we're talking bio, it seems worth noting that when I'm not selling houses, you'll catch me hanging with my beloved and very dorky dachshund, wrangling my two crazy cats, hiking the Gorge and exploring the outdoors, appreciating our environment, and enjoying my people. Visiting from out of town? Ask me for some recommendations! Want to get together or know someone who could use my services? Give me a call or shoot me a text: 503-999-2457 or email
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