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From the mountains to Fairview

By Living Room Realty, June 10, 2021

All photos courtesy of Rebekah Pierce and Catherine McDonald.

My former co-workers from when I was an Emergency Department nurse called me and asked if I could help them find a home.  They are not a couple but they are best friends that have bonded after meeting at a hospital in southern Illinois as well as a love for everything outdoors.  They rock climb, hike, bike, and mountaineer as well as travel all over the country and world for adventure.  They like spending time together so much that they wanted to move into a home where they can be close to each other but still have their own separate living spaces.

We started out with looking for land on Mt. Hood in Welches.  We started the process of how to verify buildable lots vs subdividable land.  Getting lenders friendly to this process and seeing if they could weather the process.  While doing this we looked at homes with potential for basement conversions into an apartment in Rhododendron to Brightwood.  We then started looking at duplexes in Gresham and beyond and that’s when we came upon this lovely duplex in Fairview with 2 fully finished units, parking, room for a garden, central to both of their places of employment, and close to all of their outdoor adventures.

I want to publicly say ‘congratulations’ and ‘thank you’ to Rebekah and Cathy for also reminding me to keep an eye on my goals and finding ways to achieve them.


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