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Five Simple Tips for Downsizing

By Sharon Bloudek, June 19, 2019

Five Simple Tips for Downsizing

Recently a client downsized for my most favorite reason ever…for LOVE!

As we made her ready for her next great chapter, I realized that it may help others to share some tips about the process, to help smooth your way. Please feel free to call me at 503-701-1000 for more info, I also know Professional Organizers if you need extra help.

A good rule of thumb is using the square footage as your guide. If you are moving from 3,000 sq foot house to a 1,000 sq foot condo consider getting rid of 7 of every 10 items. (Not including furniture.) Marie Kondo has a great tip if you are finding it hard to let go of things- thank it and let it go, and if you still can’t let it go, take a photo and then let it go. Only keep those items that have a valuable practical use or that really spark joy!

  1. Begin with common sense- An easy start is to get rid of those items you never use; also get rid of duplicates! It makes sense to take time now to file and shred all your paper and digital documents. Downsizing means emptying that storage locker too, and in case you forget- make sure you edit seasonal decorations!
  1. Don’t do it alone- Get as much help as you can and make it easy for yourself. (If your children are involved, they can take items they wish to keep.) Set up categorized bags and boxes (labeled Keep, Donate, and Discard) in each room and begin! If you haven’t seen or used something in a year, immediately consider not bringing it with you. No matter how valuable. Or pledge mindfully to give it the attention it deserves in your new place.
  1. Sell your stuff- Make money by selling your old stuff for new items for your new space or designate a charity that will benefit from your sales or celebrate with a trip. Your stuff being treasured by someone else can really help with any feelings of loss you may have. Always remember, it will be a huge relief to free up your existing space and will help sell it. It’s also great not to bring clutter with you to your new life in your new space.
  1. Measure, measure, measure- Measure all your existing furniture and be very sure it will fit into your new space before you bring it there. A good tip is not to buy any furniture until you move and really get a sense of your new home, but personally I think it’s really nice to start a new life with a new bed!
  1. Declutter your future- Thinking of your new home, put the random items you have decided to keep into the storage bins/containers/furniture you’ve always wanted and that make it easier to access them and keep them tidy. Start your new life how you’ve always wanted to live. Downsize with a clean slate, beginning with a lighter load you will love.



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Sharon Bloudek


Sharon was recently recognized as the #1 Individual Agent in the #1 Real Estate office in the State of Oregon. Recognized as a FIVE STAR Real Estate Agent in Portland, Oregon for 9 years. Sharon has been named top 1% in the RMLS, and has been a member of PMAR's Masters Circle Diamond Platinum Level. Also a Neighborhood Favorite on Nextdoor and a Zillow Premiere Agent. Having lived both in the city & the suburbs, she is a great resource for relocation clients. She has worked extensively with first time home buyers & first time home sellers, upsizers, downsizers and investors. She also has experience in multi-family units, plexes, and timberland. She is the third generation in her family to be in the real estate business. Sharon graduated from the University of Oregon with a MBA in Marketing & International Business, and from Loyola Marymount University with an emphasis in Business Management. She lives in SW Portland with her husband and three kids and enjoys volunteering in the community. She is a proud supporter of Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest, being a former Jesuit Volunteer in Woodburn, Oregon as well as a previous Board Member. She loves hiking, traveling and going to the beach. Basketball and softball were her favorite sports to play, and while she never played soccer - her husband and kids do - and now she appreciates the beautiful game. Sharon would love the opportunity to work with you!
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