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New Series: House Hunter PDX

By Living Room Realty, October 10, 2018

New Town, Who Dis?

I know what it’s like to be in a new city, to relearn streets and neighborhoods different from my own. When I arrived in Portland with my wife, we looked for a home, not knowing what we wanted. Finally, we settled on a matchbox house in North Portland. We had so much fun exploring the city and its’ natural treasures in our first year here. Before long, we started a food cart in our local neighborhood and we were living and breathing the Portland dream.

Moving to a new city is as invigorating as it is daunting, and I wonder if we’d known more about Portland before taking that leap, would we have ended up in North Portland? Today, I know we lucked out. And I also know that this common struggle doesn’t always turn out as well for other new Portlanders. I’m reminded of that each time I help people find their new communities.

Introducing: House Hunter PDX

I’ve been contemplating how better to offer support and guidance to this growing community of newcomers and I think I’ve come up with something good. With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to my new web series – ‘House Hunter PDX’! A local perspective on the streets I explore every day with my clients.

What will you find when you watch ‘House Hunter PDX’? Portland from the local perspective – no Portlandia, no travel show gimmicks – these are the corners of Portland that locals know, love and utilize on a daily basis. ‘House Hunter PDX’ illustrates the reasons why Portlander’s choose the neighborhoods they do and what you’ll find there too. A neighborhood-based journey, a community-based journey, produced by a team who loves this city the most. Expect street life, local interviews, hidden gems, old-Portland classics, lots of food, probably some beverages and much more! Who knows, maybe you’ll find the neighborhood for you before you even step onto that iconic PDX airport carpet! Welcome to Portland!

Check us out on Youtube at ‘House Hunter PDX’, ‘Eldridge Huntington’ or at:

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