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MCM Neighborhood Argay Terrace

By Living Room Realty, October 4, 2018

“MCM” neighborhood Argay Terrace

1950 through the 1970’s, known as the Mid Century Era, Portlanders moved east in search of affordable and sturdy houses in the latest styles. Homebuilders Art Simonson and Gerhardt (Gay) Stabney saw this opportunity and created Argay Terrace.

Centrally located in the Northeast section of Portland, Oregon. Argay Terrace is bounded by the Columbia River on the north, NE 122nd Ave on the west, Interstate 84 on the south, and NE 148th Ave. on the east.

Wide and curving low-traffic streets give Argay Terrace an open feeling. Many homes also have stunning mountain and river views. It feels like walking down a movie set going back 50 years in time. They are filled with split level, split entry, and ranch style (one level, or with basement, or daylight basement) homes all built from the last 1950’s through approximately 1970.

Prices range from $300,000 on upwards of $500,000.

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