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Neighborhood Spotlight: La Taq Cantina & Taqueria

By Living Room Realty, July 31, 2019

Soooooooo hot weather always has me craving tacos and margs. Luckily our NE office only a few blocks away from some of the best Tex-Mex in town. If Podnah’s Pit BBQ is not quite your vibe, but you still gotta get your tasty smoked brisket fix, La Taq is the place to get your snack on. They use a lot of the same meats as Podnah’s, but in their own unique way.

OMG THE QUESO. This is the best version of that Rotel-fake-cheesy-classic deliciousness and I am a sucker for it. Plus they make their own chips, which are to die for. Every time I go I always have to get chips, salsa, and queso. Then I can consider my taco future. And oh lord what a future. Every single one is crazy delicious. They rotate a bit, but the classics are always there. Frickin brisket tacos. They are so good I can’t even fully explain. Just get you one. Or 4.

La Taq has a strong margarita game. You can’t go wrong with the  House Classic, but consider the Yung Coconut or the El Diablo for a spicy kick. Also they’ve got Tecate on draft in giant glasses that make you feel like you are drinking like you mean it. Get crazy and make it a Michelada. No regrets, baby.

Okay, gotta go. I need that dang queso. Stat.

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