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Fit for a Piano

By Jené DeSpain, December 24, 2019

Kendra loves to cook, and Jazzy loves to surprise her with inspiration for new dishes. Both of them enjoy an olive plate, a dinner shared with friends, and the sound of the piano accompanying their evenings. After looking at a number of sweet 2 and 3 bedrooms, we happened upon an olive green painted ranch over in Foster Powell and thought we had found their dream home. Owned by an instagrammer who had photo documented and posted about her transformation of this home, every little detail from the front door handle to the bathroom shower hooks was meticulous chosen to accent the design curated by this seller. After all the work and progress to personalize her home and share the process with her followers, this seller and her family found themselves faced with an option to move they couldn’t pass up. And so, after 2 years of beautiful work, she put her home on the market much to Kendra and Jazzy’s delight. We visited the home a number of times, our eyes glazing over at the kitchen counter tops and bathroom tile, the basement’s light, and backyard potential. The house was more than we could have hoped for. It was during one of our last visits to the house, sitting on the gorgeous living room couch talking about the nursery they would soon paint, that Jazzy suddenly remarked, “Where is the piano going to fit?!” In all of our ooohing and aaahing, we had forgotten about the piano. After a good amount of time talking out ideas, it was clear, we were going to have to pass on this olivine of a house. There was just not enough room for the piano. With sunken hopes, they trusted me to keep looking and we set back out to find a home fit for a piano. It wasn’t long before we found their new house and while, it may not be instagram famous, it certainly captures all they were hoping for and more. We closed just in time for them to put in a brand new floor n the main level and move in their belongings to host their families for the holidays. The kitchen with the right layout for Kendra’s dream stove, the dining room large enough to fit a large group of friends, and a front room, with a grand window looking out to the street, just the right size for their piano.

Congratulations Jazzy and Kendra! It’s been so fantastic to rock this adventure with you both!

Jené DeSpain

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