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Hiring Great Contractors

By Bobby Curtis, July 2, 2021

So many of us are planning work on our homes right now. Ensuring you make the right contractor hiring decision is essential right now. And if you think it’s just about making sure they do quality work, that is only part of it. I shared some tips. with Kara Mack from Afternoon Live about what to consider and look out for. See the full 7 minute interview here

Great Contractors

Have great reputations

    1. Stand behind their work when problems show up- and people rave about them. DON’T just look at online reviews- businesses tend to ask for reviews from clients when things go well, not when they don’t
    2. Reliable

** Bad contractors tend talk about themselves more than others talk about them

Organized and good with the basics

    1. Have a schedule, and communicate when they will be able to do the work
    2. Do what they say they are going to do, including show up for the estimate on time, and get you an estimate when they say they will.
    3. May have an office person who keeps track of the schedule and communicates all necessary information.

** Bad contractors aren’t great at following through on the basics

Experts and resourceful

    1. Listen to you, meet you where you are, and present curiosity and interest in your project
    2. Do not treat your project like its just like all of the rest
    3. Willing to share why they recommend an approach or certain products
    4. Tailor their proposal to your interests, and not just what they are used to doing

** Bad contractors have a blanket approach based on what they usually do

One more tip: The clearer you are on the scope of work, and confidence you present that the project WILL be happen, the more interested contractors will be in working with you.

Bobby Curtis

Principal Broker


Meet Bobby Curtis.  Buying agent. Listing agent.  Renovator.

A down-to-earth Midwesterner, Bobby graduated from the University of Michigan, and headed to Portland in 2004. He began a career in the pharmaceutical industry focusing on sales, marketing, and consulting.  In those five years, he was even lucky enough to roam around Europe for short assignment in Switzerland. When he came back to Portland he took some time to discover what he was really interested in. Homes. More specifically, architecture, restoration, and entrepreneurship. After getting his real estate license in 2011, he purchased his first house in Portland to restore, redesign, then sell. Bobby rolled up his sleeves and started in on what would become his real career interest – transforming distressed houses into stand out homes by discovering the beauty of each unique property. Since that time Bobby has bought and restored several houses each year in Portland, both large and small, with great success.  Armed with extensive first-hand knowledge of restoration, Bobby offers his clients an exceptional eye to pinpoint property potential and value.  Whether you are searching for a complete fixer property, or a shining, buttoned-up stunner, he is skilled and enjoys guiding clients through the process of finding the perfect place. If you are selling your home or investment property, Bobby showcases his clients homes like he was selling his own. That kind of attention to detail will present all of the property’s best features.  It's because he has bought and sold properties of his own each year, that he better understands what it’s like to be in his clients shoes, and to navigate through the current real estate market. As an experienced broker and professional, Bobby is able to negotiate the best price and terms for his clients. If you’re looking to get a sneak peak of Bobby in action, you can watch him on an episode of First Time Flippers on the DIY Network, where he helped his mom flip her first house. Or you can catch him on KATU’s Afternoon Live daytime talk show once a month, discussing Portland Real Estate and House Restoration. Check it out here Contact Bobby at: 503-502-3066 Licensed Contractor #215071
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