But as a realtors that have seen clients move many times, we know that even when a client seems organized and calm, they are under a great amount of stress.  To help them, you first need to understand where they are coming from. In some cases, they may have convinced themselves that they are used to this moving thing. They think that they have the process under control. In terms of the details, they sometimes do.  But most often, we see folks operating in a state of chaos. They are overwhelmed with all of the shit they own and need help moving it from one place to another.  The stuff needs to be moved QUICKLY.  It must be moved quickly, since the buyers flight from CA arrives soon, and they take possession of the house at 5:00PM.

Because sellers have unique needs in this situation, your services for relocating clients can become a  little more extensive. ***Real estate classes will remind you that it’s often the little thoughtful things that will matter most.  *** If you can make life easier for clients, they become loyal customers that will hopefully recommend you to their pals.  Blah… Blah… Blah…

To Chris Speth, it means showing up with a truck.  Grabbing friends like Jimmy and Clark to help load that truck and helping our client/friend MOVE.

That’s what a great realtor does.  They show up with a truck.  And when its all over, the move, they deserve to have multiple Manhattans.

That’s my partner.  He’s that type of man.  One that shows up with a truck.