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Down and Dirty in Montavilla

By Ben Samson, November 9, 2020


This beautiful and well maintained home is hiding a secret.  But first, let’s talk about our search for the perfect home.  My clients Christine and Rob called as a referral from recent clients and former co-workers of mine this past summer.  They wanted to find a home that could possibly just be a starter home but with the possibility of starting a family and then moving on to a bigger maybe better home.  They mentioned just a few things they really wanted: A fireplace, big windows, and a dishwasher.  We saw several homes which had none or all three and even made a few offers along the way that were rejected.  I could tell they were getting tired of the process and were unsure of proceeding.  We then made a journey to SE Portland (big NE fans), just to see if they’d like it, and they instantly fell in love with this home.  It was close to shopping, bars/breweries, restaurants, work locations, major highways.  It was also on a beautiful and quiet street lined with trees.  It felt like a forever home to them.

We made an offer and it was accepted and they were ecstatic!  This house was well maintained and appeared pretty much move in ready.  And this is where it get’s dirty…like deep down dirty.  It was discovered to have a leaking oil tank in the front yard that went several feet deep and was against the foundation.  After much discussion, stress, anxiety, and multiple phone calls my clients wanted to pull out of the deal.  I had a discussion with the listing agent and told her we wanted to pull out but said I would have one more discussion with my clients.  After another round of education, mine and theirs, we jumped back in and the listing agent was understanding and reassuring that this would be taken care of.

Now we’re here and they’re moving to the Montavilla neighborhood (just east of Mt. Tabor) in SE Portland with only the worries of a new mortgage.  Congratulations!!!


Benedict Samson


I have been told by many people that "Portlanders don't like outsiders". Well I'm not from here. I come from a place that rates high in food culture, architectural history, and questionable politics. It's called Chicago and I miss it a lot and loved being born and raised there. That being said, I am not going back. I came here to Portland for a visit and couldn't get it out of my mind. The proximity of Mt. Hood and all of its wonders, the food carts, the waterfalls, the Gorge...are just a few of the beautiful aspects of this state that spoke to me. I moved here in July 2013. The first year of living here I wondered if I would stay despite the aforementioned qualities of Portland and Oregon in general. The more I worked and had some introspective moments the more I realized, I'm staying because of the people. Portland and its people are nice. Plain old nice and proud. They are open and welcoming. They ask "What made you want to move here?" knowing that they want to share their reasons for living here. The air here is literally and figuratively clean. I've had multiple conversations with people about their love of Oregon and all it has to offer. A LITTLE MORE... I went to college for business, dropped out, went back and finished with a degree in healthcare. Then went back to finish my BS in Business Administration with a minor in International Finance. While working in some of the busiest Emergency Departments in Chicago, Manhattan, and San Francisco I was always searching for more. I co-founded a sports uniform business that supplied basketball uniforms to approximately 45 schools throughout the city of Chicago. After selling my shares to the co-founder I obtained my REALTOR® license in Chicago in July of 2007. I became rookie of the year for my company and fell in love with all things real estate. Now I'm here and have purposely waited to obtain my Portland REALTOR® license until I felt I could speak to clients about the neighborhoods, schools, personalities, and quirks of Portland. I want to share my knowledge and new found love for Portland and its people with others and help them find their LIVING ROOM.
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