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ADU. Is It For You?

By Bobby Curtis, February 13, 2020

Bobby Curtis was back on KATU’s Afternoon Live to discuss adding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) or fully functional separate living spaces to your current property. It’s pretty hot in Portland right now, but is it for you? Click to watch the short interview here Or skip right to the highlights below.

What need does an ADU fulfill?

1. More housing in Portland.
2. Extra income for the home owner to help pay mortgage.
3. Multi-generational living on one property

Quick facts

1. Cost: $125k-$250k with permits, materials, labor, and utilities.
2. Going rents for new ADU’s are $1000-$1500/mo
3. They can be separate units- all new construction, converting an existing structure like a garage or even a basement.

Check with your city inspectors about ADU requirements

1. To see what type of permit is required if you want to use it as a short term rental
2. There are parameters ADU’s must meet – Example in Portland it can be no bigger than 800 SF or 75% of the SF of the primary house.

Things to consider with additional dwelling units on your property

1. New tax scenario for your property
2. Whether having tenants, short term or long term will work for you
3. Losing yard space or basement

Bobby Curtis

Principal Broker & Licensed Contractor

Meet Bobby Curtis.  Buyer’s agent. Listing agent.  Renovator. A gentleman hailing from the great state of Michigan, Bobby harnesses equal parts brains, brawn, and enthusiasm for every client and every project.  After graduating from the University of Michigan, Bobby embarked on a career in the pharmaceutical industry focusing on sales, marketing, and consulting.  In those five years, he was even lucky enough to roam around Europe for short stint in Geneva, Switzerland.  Nevertheless, the European dream paled in comparison to a quality brat and a good American brew, and alas, Bobby traveled back stateside where he traded in his suit for a high-quality flannel and some Carhartt’s.  After purchasing his first house to flip, Bobby rolled up his sleeves and started in on what would become his passion – transforming houses into homes by unleashing the beauty of each unique property. Since 2010, Bobby has bought and restored many houses in Portland, both large and small, with great success.  Armed with extensive first-hand knowledge of house restoration, Bobby offers his clients an exceptional eye to pinpoint property potential and value.  Whether you are searching for complete fixer property or a dialed-in and buttoned-up home, Bobby is happy to guide you through the process of finding your perfect place.  If you are selling your property, Bobby’s keen eye will help you showcase all of your property’s best features.  As an experienced buyer’s agent, listing agent, and renovator, Bobby is well-versed in the negotiation process. If you’re looking to get a sneak peak of Bobby in action, you can catch him (and his mom) on First Time Flippers, which will be airing on the DIY Network in March 2016.  That’s right, he helped his mom flip her first house . . . and he’s still here to talk about it. Check it out here Contact Bobby at: 503-502-3066 or Licensed Contractor #215071
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