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Top (not so) Secret Tool of Portland Real Estate

By Patricia LoCascio, May 8, 2023

Whether buying a house or just doing property research, we all have practical questions around real estate, neighborhoods, and our city and we are sure the answers are out there.  But often times, we’ve got no idea where to look!

As a licensed agent in this beautiful city, I hear a lot of questions on repeat.  To list some of the most frequent:

Did they pull a permit?
How is this property zoned? And what does R5 mean anyway?
What is crime *really* like around here?
Where’s the closest dog park?
What are the schools like?
The list goes on!

For buyers and sellers, Portland Maps can answer all of these questions and *more*.  To begin with, there are also maps of noise complaints, cannabis applications, short-term rental registry, and residential construction permits.

Portland Maps is also one of the greatest resources out there for Portland residents and homeowners.  With an incredible virtual tour of the Crystal Springs running from Johnson Creek Park to Reeds College and a map of Portland Hydro-parks, you might be surprised at what you’ll find.

Want to apply as a Green Street Steward (or find out what that even is)?  Want to browse a Portland tree inventory?  Pop your own address in.  See what you can learn about your biggest and best investment and this city we all call home!

Patricia LoCascio

Patricia LoCascio

Broker | Seniors Real Estate Specialist | OR


I bring something very special and unique to real estate: YOU.

What you get: Unmatched enthusiasm, limitless curiosity, continued commitment, and an unparalleled team. What I do: I am a deeply committed Realtor, a messy painter, an amateur woodworker, a decent knitter, a (very) lazy homeschooler, an intentional cook, an avid soil resuscitator, and a practicing (and stumbling) Buddhist. How I got here: Growing up in New Orleans, moving to Kansas City at 18, living there for 18 more years, I assumed I was just a nomad. I felt like home would always be temporary and I’d always be happiest “in transit”. But Portland has taught me a very important lesson; I was never a nomad, I’d just never been home. This region, this state, and especially this city mean so very much to me. I am raising my children here and growing my food here. I’ve met friends and family alike in this town’s neighbors. This is where I live, this is where I work, this is where I love. Who I love: my partner my five daughters bell hooks Robin Wall Kimmerer Sheri Huber Thich Nhat Hanh Nina Simone Nick Drake You
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