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2 is better than 1

By Living Room Realty, May 1, 2019

It seems like ADU’s have been the biggest trend in real estate since open concept floor plans.  I have been seeing so many people building them into their basements, garages and even getting the pre fab ADU’s carefully set in place into their back yard as stand alone buildings. I know as portland continues to grow into a big city dealing with the space to house folks and managing rent will be a priority. I’m not the only one seeing the necessity for increase in urban density. Builders have begun to design and build ADU’s into new construction. Knowing people are looking for ways to lower their monthly payments all the while creating more rentable units in the city seems like a great idea. More and more I have seen this pop up and I love the option. It’s yours to take or not. You can use the space for short term rentals which is a great way to make some supplemental income and keeping the space available for personal use when you want it. You can rent it full time and use that money to pay down your principal or lower your monthly obligation. Options are always nice especially since your helping make this growing city more livable. If you have the space or your looking at new construction consider this option. It could make your home into a real money maker.

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