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By Leanne Bach, December 8, 2020

Dylan and Nicole won this little cutie, out of multiple competing bids, and look at the size of that yard! Being first time home buyers can be daunting, especially when decisions need to be made swiftly! Bring in the pandemic and it adds even more challenges. Buyers don’t get the opportunity to see the house multiple times, especially when the home is still occupied by its owner. So communication is a MUST, sometimes multiple times a day.

These two were champs, we exceeded our deadlines (and so did the lender..which is rare!), and the appraisal even came in OVER our sales price. That’s news I don’t get to share often! One other step these particular clients chose to take is meeting with an attorney in order to spell out their legal rights, relating to this property. They aren’t married or in a domestic partnership, and only one of them is on the loan. So, naturally, the other party wants to insure their portion of ownership is safe, and in writing. Meeting with an estate/family law attorney is such a smart move when purchasing real estate with someone who is not related to you. It’s nice to assume you’ll be “together forever,” or “friends forever,” but life happens. What if things fall apart? I don’t like to mar such an exciting part of life (purchasing your first home) by bringing up the opposition, but it’s a reality we all have to face, especially when protecting our  financial investments.

Dylan and Nicole can now move forward, and have one less thing to worry about, knowing that BOTH of their interests are protected. Cheers to them! I wish them a lifetime of happiness and many more successful investments together! Shout out if you need a few recommendations for an estate/family law attorney. They are worth every penny!

Leanne Bach

Principal Broker | OR & WA


Leanne has experienced the real estate boom on the frontline. Her integrity and persistence have helped clients navigate the outcomes of the 2008 financial crisis, as well as coached and guided buyers and sellers through a competitive, fast-paced market of today. Licensed since 2003, Leanne’s drive and skills of being a natural connector, put her at the top of her field. She finds great joy in establishing a client’s needs and uniting them with a solution. She sees challenge as an opportunity and proactively wins trust while still getting things done. Real estate involves a network beyond the client. Leanne connects with the community through volunteer efforts. She has built a solid network of contractors, lenders, caterers, bankers, and accountants, as well as caregivers, artists, and organizers. Her goal is to connect a buyer’s vision of home to reality and connects a seller’s financial goals to the best possible outcomes. This is the fuel that motivates Leanne in her career. She believes strongly in creating harmony between work and life and it shows by what her clients say about her. She feels lucky every day to be able to call this her job and feels fortunate to have clients that are multi-generational, helping parents of clients and children of clients through all the stages of life. The relationships she’s built are truly rewarding. “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” -Albert Einstein
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