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A Rose by Any Other Name…

By Patrick Miles, August 7, 2019

Portland, OR has been known as the City of Roses since 1888. Portland, OR is ideal for growing roses outdoors due to its location within the marine west coast climate region. This region gives us warm, dry summers and rainy but mild winters. Peninsula Park became the city’s first public rose garden in 1909. The garden was designed by Emanuel L Mische, and has over 8,900 plantings featuring 65 rose varieties. The Madame Caroline Testout, the official rose of Portland, was grown at Peninsula Park.

The Madame Caroline Testout

If you’re planning to grow some of these iconic petaled beauties in your yard, here are some tips!

  • Find the Right Location – Rose bushes enjoy receiving 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. They do best when they are protected from the hot afternoon sun, so placing them in a spot with morning light is best.
  • Choose the Right Soil – Roses thrive best in well draining soil that is rich in organic matter. Be sure to mix in compost, peat moss, and other organic matter to improve drainage.
  • Time It Right – The best time to plant roses is either in the spring after the last frost, or in the fall at least 6 weeks before the first frost. Also, plant your roses on a mild weather day – planting on a hot sunny day can stress the plant.
  • Dig Deep – When planting roses dig a deep, wide hole that allows for proper drainage and leaves room for root growth. If planting multiple roses, space them at least 3 feet apart to allow for growth.
  • Out with the Old – Roses do best when you cut off the old growth (some would say it’s a metaphor for life.) To prune, remove all dead and damaged canes (any that look brown.) Then cut back a third to a half of the previous year’s growth until you find healthy, white centers inside the cane. In Portland, it’s best to do a major prune in the early spring, and then lightly prune throughout the year.


For more rose care tips click HERE

Patrick Miles


Patrick got his start as a Realtor during the dark days of the real estate market, back in 2010.  With more than half of all sales being either bank-owned foreclosures, or short sales, it was certainly a tough time to cut one’s teeth.  Operating and thriving during these difficult times required Patrick to develop the tenacity and the finesse necessary for dealing with all the moving parts of a challenging real estate transaction.  As hard as those transactions were, they did provide for excellent deals for the buyers that he worked with.  To this day Patrick still has a special place in his Realtor heart for the first-time home buyer, the deal-seeker, and the real estate investor alike.
As the market began to rebound in 2014, and then to gain a raging head-of-steam by 2016, Patrick’s business also grew - incorporating a healthy balance of both buyers and sellers.   When on the listing side of a transaction Patrick loves the opportunity to play with design, staging, and the absolute best in real estate photography and marketing.  Patrick also believes firmly that it shouldn’t cost someone an arm and a leg to sell their house, and he has been challenging the real estate industry status-quo on listing fees and services provided.  This is representative of his client-first philosophy, which drives and guides all of his business decisions.
A native Oregonian, and a Portlander since the age of 8, Patrick has an intimate knowledge of the city’s neighborhoods - from the inner-eastside all the way out to the suburbs.  Where knowledge of a city’s culture meets the knowledge of changing demographics and industry trends, that’s where true understanding of a real estate marketplace exists.  It is Patrick’s pleasure to share this city with you, whether you’ve lived here your whole life, or are moving here for the first time
Currently, Patrick lives in the Rose City Park neighborhood of NE Portland with his girlfriend Jamie, and his dog Dusty.  In his free time he enjoys working in his garden, backpacking and hiking in the PNW, traveling abroad, sampling Portland’s food & drink scene, and drumming in his band “Huge Manatee”.
Patrick is a firm believer in real estate as the ultimate wealth building investment vehicle, and has put his money where his mouth is with his two rental properties and a personal residence.  But perhaps even more importantly he believes in the intrinsic value that that comes with living in a home that you own.  Whatever your real estate goals are, Patrick would love the chance to listen to you and see what he can do to help.
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  • F: 503-961-8224

Patrick Miles


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