Blog Stories Beauty in the Heart of the Alberta Arts Neighborhood

Beauty in the Heart of the Alberta Arts Neighborhood

By Sally Tansill, January 14, 2019

As a resident of the Alberta Arts Neighborhood I have become used to the vibrant visual arts that decorate the storefronts and homes in my neck of the woods.  So used to it sometimes, that I can often put my head down and go about my life with the regular routine without taking the time to look up and notice what has changed or remind myself how exceptional this neighborhood is.  I was walking my dog the other night and happened to look up and was struck by what seemed to me a perfect picture, the courtyard of the commercial building around the corner from me at night lit beautifully.  Sometimes I am moved to capture these moments and so I did.  I often struggle with how to manage these bursts of light, whether to file them away in my personal experience or share them with others.  My experience of this neighborhood is more than just a great place to live with yummy food, small hidden gems or quirky installations, it is a sensory experience that is a constant reminder of the city’s history, creativity and embrace of what brings us together.  I love that one mental snapshot can wake me up to this and it happens more here than any other place I have lived.

Sally Tansill

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Sally moved to Portland with her family in 2012 from Brooklyn, NY, seeking an improved quality of life and a change of pace from her busy career in the sports industry. Moving with very little personal connection to the city was difficult and at times overwhelming, but she knew it would suit her lifestyle and be a place that reinforced the values she wanted for her children, and she was right! A mother of three (four, including her dog Eli), she has navigated new neighborhoods, schools, and other city resources and looks forward to sharing that knowledge with people looking to create or renew their own sense of place. The idea of "home" means something different to everyone and Sally's goal for her clients is to find the place where that word resonates for them. Every stage of life provides an element of transition and that often comes with a desire to change your surroundings. For some, it could be a question of space while for others it is changing scenery between the city and the country. Sally has lived in apartments, condominiums, teepees (long story), studios, rented houses, and now owns a home as well as a few rental properties with her husband in Portland. Sally is an avid skier and music fan and loves that this city provides the opportunity to pursue all of those interests in such an accessible way. Her sports loyalties still lie on the east coast, but she has caught the Portland Timbers bug and loves going to games with her family: the camaraderie is contagious! Ever the optimist, she believes that positive relationships and people are the key to personal and professional success, especially when it comes to real estate! She loves sharing her experience and wants to guide her clients to the place they call home.
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