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Building not Burning (Relationships)

By Living Room Realty, November 19, 2018

In the competitive game of investing, it’s typical to be up against lots of other interest. Despite the vision you may have for a project, if the numbers don’t work sometimes you must bow out of the race and hope that when you say if anything changes they’ll let you know. Working with Kim Parmon and her longtime investors who understand the numbers to make a project work had to do just that.

This house needed work. The previous owner was a hoarder and owned 8 cats to give you some idea of the condition it was left in. And trust me, it smelled like 8 cats were living there.

About a week or so after they turned us down, I got a call from the agent, “Hi Molly, we’ve received a lot of interest on the house but all have quoted me about the same number as you. Here’s the thing, I like you and you seem like a nice agent to work with and I’d like to give you and your client the first chance to re-offer.” Four hours later we were under contract for the home.

This industry is about creating relationships. That’s why it’s important to not burn bridges, it could mean at the expense of getting your client exactly what they want. We were up against at least 2 competing offers and had taken our leave thinking we were out of the race. When all is said and done, it’s about presentation and communication. The transaction went smoothly and both parties left with smiles on their faces and lasting relationships were created.

Now our clients get to roll up their sleeves, put a breathing mask on, and get to work! In just a few months, our clients will produce a beautifully updated abode in central Northeast Portland, located near everything a buyer needs. Around the corner from a grocery store, restaurants, shops, and bars, this like-new home will be waiting for you!

Living Room Realty

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