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California Love

By Peter Clarke, July 25, 2018

I met Gaura and Bella at one of my favorite Portland hangouts. He had just moved here from the Bay and they have been together for a while now. From the beginning which has been over a year they were very intrigued with Portland real estate. Them like a lot of other couples were initially a bit hesitant, not knowing how far there money would stretch, and if they could actually get something in a neighborhood that worked. We literally looked at two houses, and the second one they were instantly in love with. It was multiple offers and their’s was the one that was chosen. Congrats on finding an awsome house!

Shout out to Annette for doing such a great job on the financing side!



Peter Clarke

Broker | OR


Peter Clarke was raised in Portland's Concordia neighborhood and holds a bachelors degree from Portland State University. Peter came to the real estate industry with a wealth of knowledge about the Portland Metro area and has been a broker for over five years now. He loves his city and enjoys the opportunity to share that enthusiasm with his clients. Peter understands and appreciates the gravity of making a major financial decision such as buying or selling a home. He takes pride in helping his clients walk through the real estate process. He has experience working with both buyers and sellers. He pays great attention to all the details that go into helping his clients find their living room and Peter works tirelessly as an advocate for his clients. He is very skilled in the art of negotiation and is a clear communicator. He considers it a privilege to be part of each client's story. If you are looking to make room to live, give Peter a call!
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