Blog Stories When you can see your renters… across the street!

When you can see your renters… across the street!

By Living Room Realty, November 19, 2018

Jess and Andrés know the value of investing in real estate. They gathered some family money to support investing, but the problem was, they were trying to invest in a market that was pricing people out of the market. Come fall 2018. This was their time! It also just so happened to coincide with their neighbor’s house across the street going on the market. We had seen many homes together over the past couple of years – most in total disrepair. When they called and told me they weren’t sure of the quality of their neighbors house, and didn’t think it was a good investment, but they wanted my opinion. I walked in, expecting it to be just like the other homes, where I just couldn’t get behind them purchasing the money-pit. I walked into this house and immediately got chills. This was their investment home! And it was right across the street! It has so much goodness going on, right across from Arbor Lodge park, and the perfect rental and long-term investment home. Congratulations Jess and Andrés… to your future!

Living Room Realty

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