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Can You Put a Value On Community?

By Living Room Realty, July 23, 2019

Can you put a value on community? It’s not tangible, Doesn’t come with a warranty or guarantee, It’s not a part of the home inspection. Although there is no set amount of value or worth knowing who your community is offers peace of mind, confidence, heightened sense of safety, Overall enjoyment and much more. All of these things are very important and valuable to me. Let’s think of this in the eyes of a home Buyer.

One advantage of using a REALTOR® is the useful information you receive when finding and comparing properties. Most often we are comparing age, condition, mechanics and amenities. We often speak on the neighborhood in a larger perspective. As we all know often neighborhoods have different stories from street to street. It has a lot to do with the neighbors. You can only do so much by driving around and checking out surrounding property conditions and check portland maps for the crime maps. Sometimes you have to dig in a bit deeper. Often times you have an opportunity to speak to a neighbor. When we are wrapping up that first showing I like to stand out front with the buyers a discuss what the next steps are. During this time I keep my eyes open for other residents coming and going. This is when I put on a smile and head on over for a quick chat. I ask about the neighborhood, if there are any issues going on, how long they have lived in the neighborhood and if they like it. If the home is vacant I ask a bit about the owners and if everyone gets along. Take this time to have a quick chat not to grill them. Often if they don’t have much to share but they were kind and willing to chat that gives you a little insight to who you are dealing with.

If you are selling your home consider writing perspective buyers a letter about the neighborhood. Tell them about the surrounding homes and the folks who make up the community. Talk about the block parties, BBQ’s, game nights or what ever makes your neighborhood awesome! Often times this is a huge help to those who are not only investing in the house but the neighborhood. It mean a lot to know your neighbors will have your back and keep an eye on your property.

If it came down to 2 similar properties and I knew that property “A” had a young family across the street, The block party was epic and the folks around me were good people and property “B” was just a big question mark. I’d pick option A in a heartbeat. So, Yeah you can absolutely put a value on community. It could be the difference between making a great match for someone and getting top dollar or not. Get out there and build or support your community. If hosting a block party isn’t your thing you can simply support by waving and smiling at your neighbors every once in a while. Who knows, just being positive and approachable could help you sell your home one day.

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