Blog Buyer Checking all the boxes in Woodstock

Checking all the boxes in Woodstock

By Cheri Harney, September 25, 2020

Finding their dream house in Woodstock!

I worked with Abby and Wes when they sold their first home earlier this summer. We had negotiated two months of occupancy time so they could stay on in that house while they looked for their next one. They were super motivated and looked far and wide for their next dream house. We toured homes from Fairview all the way down to Oregon City. They kept a close eye on every home that came on the market.

When this one in the Woodstock neighborhood popped up we managed to be the first people to tour it. Their “new” home was built in the early 1900’s, but it’s had plenty of beautiful renovations and is pretty turn-key. Wes and Abby knew within minutes that this was “the one.” Their dream house has a gorgeous updated kitchen with stainless appliances and quartz countertops. There’s added convenience with a dedicated laundry room adjacent to the kitchen.

By next spring their garden dreams will be coming true in the nice big fenced yard. The house is large enough to allow everyone to work from home without driving each other nuts and there’s plenty of space to host out-of-town family for visits. Wes has grand plans for setting up a workshop space in the basement. Abby is thrilled to be living just a few blocks away from her dear friend. Coincidentally, I just helped that same friend buy a house in Woodstock. I think it was meant to be!

Most important of all, their toddler is absolutely tickled that Mom and Dad bought her a house with a staircase. Welcome home! I think you’re going make lots of happy memories in your new dream house!

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After growing up an Army brat and traveling the world, Cheri Harney came to Oregon for college and never left. As a 30+ year resident of Portland, Cheri appreciates the unique flavor, culture, and personality of Portland’s neighborhoods. She and her family settled in Eastmoreland 20 years ago and continue to love the wonderful sense of community they’ve found there. After 20 years in the same house, Cheri is always envisioning the next home renovation and garden project. As our families grow and change, our homes need to keep evolving with us! A graduate of the University of Oregon, Cheri had a successful career in advertising and marketing before transitioning to the real estate industry. She combines first hand knowledge with exemplary research skills, leading friends and neighbors to joke that they don’t need to shop around for their new purchases and home projects: they just call Cheri because she’s already sweated the details. As an exceptional communicator and negotiator, with a creative vision and detail-oriented mindset, she can help you sell your house or find your perfect home . . . your new living room. Weekends find Cheri working in her flourishing garden, wine tasting with her husband and exploring new hole-in-the-wall happy hours across Portland.
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