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Cheers to Champagne, Swag, and Hugs

By Cheri Harney, May 3, 2020

Scrolling through my phone, I’ve stumbled upon photos from the second week of February. This now seems a whole world away.

The day these photos were taken Ryan and Samantha had come to our swanky mid-century office to review the 20 plus offers we had just received for their home. We toured the office, shopped the swag shelves and settled in to sip champagne from water glasses while they perused offers.

Soon after these sweet photos were taken, the COVID-19 chaos began. Despite that, we got their house in contract, accepted two offers in backup positions, secured them two months of free rent-back, closed the sale, found them a new home, closed that deal, and got them moved in. Phew!

Looking back through my photos, so much has changed in a short span of time. While we can’t sip more champagne together right now, I sent them a nice bottle to celebrate their new “forever” home. They’ve come a long way from their two-bedroom starter home!

I admit, right now, I miss seeing my clients. I miss giving them hugs and hanging out together. I miss meeting clients at our beautiful office. I miss happy hours with friends, colleagues, and neighbors… but we’ve been able to get the job done despite the challenges of these times.

Until we get back to normal, I’ll raise my water glass full of champagne (from home) to everyone successfully buying and selling homes right now. Cheers!

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After growing up an Army brat and traveling the world, Cheri Harney came to Oregon for college and never left. As a 30+ year resident of Portland, Cheri appreciates the unique flavor, culture, and personality of Portland’s neighborhoods. She and her family settled in Eastmoreland 20 years ago and continue to love the wonderful sense of community they’ve found there. After 20 years in the same house, Cheri is always envisioning the next home renovation and garden project. As our families grow and change, our homes need to keep evolving with us! A graduate of the University of Oregon, Cheri had a successful career in advertising and marketing before transitioning to the real estate industry. She combines first hand knowledge with exemplary research skills, leading friends and neighbors to joke that they don’t need to shop around for their new purchases and home projects: they just call Cheri because she’s already sweated the details. As an exceptional communicator and negotiator, with a creative vision and detail-oriented mindset, she can help you sell your house or find your perfect home . . . your new living room. Weekends find Cheri working in her flourishing garden, wine tasting with her husband and exploring new hole-in-the-wall happy hours across Portland.
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