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City Life During COVID

By Leanne Bach, September 2, 2020

I live in the heart of the Pearl District. I have for quite some time. I love people watching, being a regular at all of the bars, restaurants, coffee shops and specialty stores. My daughter knows nothing about living outside of the city, as she was born here and is now 5. It’s been an adjustment getting used to the new normal around here. All of our favorite activities were stripped from us when the pandemic hit. Riding the streetcar “for fun” was off limits. Park play structures were taped off. Restaurants and coffee shops closed. My daughter and I would look out onto the empty streets from our balcony and whimper at the thought of our vibrant city turning into the zombie apocalypse. It was, and still is, heartbreaking.

By now, we’ve seen more businesses come to life, of course, and we’ve been taking full advantage. Keeping these small businesses IN business is my goal and every week I try to spread the love. I know I’ll always need items from Pearl Ace Hardware, so I bought gift cards to use down the road. Gift cards for coffee shops are always good to give out to my clients, so I stocked up on those too. Then Piazza Italia opened back up so I started buying my wine there, and now my daughter and I can actually sit outside there and enjoy our pasta again! Woohoo! We are starting to see the light, even though I know there will be so many businesses that won’t reopen again. And I mourn that. But I also look forward to new beginnings and want to share this new space I cannot WAIT to visit. The park isn’t reopened yet, but my daughter and I can stare at it from this new business, ha ha! Cooperativa 

Instead of fantasizing about dumping this condo and buying a house with a backyard so my little one can run and play to her hearts content, maybe I’ll still buy that house, but hang on to this condo. Nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass. And, for now, I’m climbing out of the fog and am finding new ways to find joy in this crazy world.

Leanne Bach

Principal Broker | OR & WA


Leanne has experienced the real estate boom on the frontline. Her integrity and persistence have helped clients navigate the outcomes of the 2008 financial crisis, as well as coached and guided buyers and sellers through a competitive, fast-paced market of today. Licensed since 2003, Leanne’s drive and skills of being a natural connector, put her at the top of her field. She finds great joy in establishing a client’s needs and uniting them with a solution. She sees challenge as an opportunity and proactively wins trust while still getting things done. Real estate involves a network beyond the client. Leanne connects with the community through volunteer efforts. She has built a solid network of contractors, lenders, caterers, bankers, and accountants, as well as caregivers, artists, and organizers. Her goal is to connect a buyer’s vision of home to reality and connects a seller’s financial goals to the best possible outcomes. This is the fuel that motivates Leanne in her career. She believes strongly in creating harmony between work and life and it shows by what her clients say about her. She feels lucky every day to be able to call this her job and feels fortunate to have clients that are multi-generational, helping parents of clients and children of clients through all the stages of life. The relationships she’s built are truly rewarding. “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” -Albert Einstein
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