Blog Stories Curb Appeal Vol. 12: Spotlight – Portland's Concordia Neighborhood

Curb Appeal Vol. 12: Spotlight – Portland’s Concordia Neighborhood

By Aryne + Dulcinea, October 11, 2019


Portland’s Concordia neighborhood, situated north of Alameda and Beaumont-Wilshire, is one of the most desirable boroughs in the city’s Northeast quadrant. This rapidly growing area earned its name from Concordia University, a private liberal arts school located in the heart of the district. With nearly 3,800 households and an occupancy rate of 96%, Concordia is home to approximately 10,000 residents. As of 2019, Portland Monthly calculates the average home sale price at $535,783, which has increased from $518,304 since 2018.



Portland’s Concordia neighborhood experienced a significant growth spurt in the 19th century after the devastating Vanport flood displaced 17,500 inhabitants. In the following decades, Portland’s Concordia neighborhood became one of most diverse and creative boroughs city-wide, serving as a hub for local artists. This history continues to have a major influence on the area, as Alberta Street remains one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Earning a Walk Score of 76, residents of the Concordia neighborhood area can walk to an average of seven eateries and bars within five minutes.



Dinner: Wilder
Brunch: Proud Mary Coffee
Nightlife: Dame
Parks: Fernhill Park


Residents: 9,550
Average Age: 35.4
Under 18 years: 16.2%
18 to 64 years: 75.7%
65 years and over: 8.1%


Average Home: $461,199

Average Home: $428,144

North Tabor
Average Home: $489,662

Mt. Scott-Arleta
Average Home: $389,494

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Their passion for real estate relates closely to their commitment to the Portland way of life, which entails a dedication to sustainability and appreciation for all things local. As Earth Advantage Brokers and ADU Certified Specialists, Aryne + Dulcinea are savvy in all aspects of alternative living practices—from versatile housing additions, green building practices, and revenue-generating strategies. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Aryne & Dulcinea will work in collaboration to guide you in investing in your future and reaching you real estate goals.

Aryne greets working with clients throughout Portland with open arms. Licensed since 2005, she appreciates the ever shifting desires her clients have as they move through their real estate goals. Investigative genius on her side, Aryne will strive to bring you the results you desire.  When not working for you, Aryne is a constant cheerleader for her son and daughter’s pursuits on the basketball court and on the ballet stage! She practices yoga, hikes, loves to walk and explore Portland neighborhoods, reads, and delights in soaking up everything Portland has to offer! 

Dulcinea thrives on working with clients with a range of real estate goals.  A native Oregonian with a design and an award-winning professional background, Dulcinea is steadfast when it comes to working for her clients and has a keen eye for properties that best serve client objectives. Licensed since 2013, Dulcinea works in and around Portland.  A mother of two and wife to her high school sweetie—in her free time she stays busy with her family, travel, community activism, exploring the outdoors, curating art shows, and dreaming big!

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