Blog Stories Cool Summer Tips for Homeowners: Reduce Energy, Conserve Water, Keep Your Home Comfortable

Cool Summer Tips for Homeowners: Reduce Energy, Conserve Water, Keep Your Home Comfortable

By Heidi Freistat, July 1, 2022

Summer finally showed up in the PacNW, and when it did it came in HOT!

Here’s a few tips on keeping your home cool during those hot summer months, keeping costs down while helping reduce your energy use.

Garden / Yard

Mulch flower beds to keep your plants happy and healthy during hot days by reducing weed growth and locking in moisture.
To further slow water from evaporating from the soil, consider adding wind barriers and shade cloths.
Set your irrigation to timers and water during the cooler times of day (early morning or evenings) to conserve water.
Adjust your sprinklers to only water your plants and lawn. Stop watering the pavement, please!


You can help maintain the interior temperature of your home by making sure windows and doors shut properly. Check that windows are in good condition and tightly sealed. Consider upgrading old windows, or reseal existing windows if necessary.

Add outdoor shade: Plant a tree, install window awnings or other types of sunscreens.


Get your cooling system serviced and change the filter on your Air Conditioner(s).

If you don’t have AC, you can still take steps to keep your home cool with these tips:

Attics hold the most heat during the hot summer months. To help keep the temperature down consider adding proper insulation.

Cool tip! If it’s time for a new roof, go with a light color to reduce heat absorption.

The next hottest spot in your home will be the upper level.

Install energy efficient, high quality ceiling fans with fewer blades (3 or 4) that are the appropriate size for the room. Run fans counterclockwise in the summer on the highest setting.
Keep the blades clean and fix any wobbling to reduce drag.

Unplug appliances you’re not using.
Avoid using the stove on hot days/nights.

Open windows and turn on ceiling fans during the cooler temperatures at night, then close windows in the morning and shut your blinds to trap cooler air inside. Drawing the curtains or blinds during the hottest part of the day can help, too.

Maintaining your home during the heat of summer is just as crucial as other seasons. Here are some other tasks to consider:

Clean your lawn mower blades
Clean your BBQ grill
Wash down your porch / patio and check for rotting boards or nail pops. Check if your deck needs to be resealed by pouring water on it. Does it bead into puddles? Awesome! Does it sink into the wood? Time to reseal!
Check for outdoor leaks at faucets and hoses.
Clean gutters and downspouts if you haven’t already
Pressure wash driveway and walkways
Protect your siding and roof by pruning trees and bushes away from your house.
Touchup exterior house paint.
Get your roof inspected!
Soft wash your house to protect your siding + window trim

Stay cool and have a wonderful summer!

Heidi Freistat

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