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Easy Sales Are Possible…

By Rebecca Wilson, June 25, 2018

        In the past couple of years, the real estate market has been anything but boring. Multiple offers, houses selling for $50k over asking, waiving inspections, these are just a couple of hoops buyers have had to jump through in order to buy a house. It’s called a “seller’s market”. As new construction projects become finished, and more out of state investors back away from Portland due to recent policies forcing landlords to pay several thousands of dollars in moving fees for tenants in some circumstances, the supply is quickly catching up with the demand. This is a shift towards a “buyer’s market”. So what do you call the time in between? BALANCED. On my most recent sale in Beaverton, the scenario was:

Days on Market: 9

Offers: 1 (full ask, not a dollar more or less)

Repairs: Negotiated through credit, everyone thought was fair


Of course, the real estate market like most industries is fluid and moves around many variables that include interest rates, local economic health, etc. But for now, I think we can all appreciate a little BALANCE before the next shift.



Rebecca Wilson


Rebecca is known for her passionate, high energy, and personal approach to real estate. She has the rare ability to provide top notch service to her clients that balances both warmth and professionalism. Rebecca's passion is people, plain and simple. With her five years of real estate experience, she approaches each real estate transaction like a puzzle, taking in information from her clients, and piecing it together with the current market and financing conditions to produce to most ideal outcome possible. This approach is what has lead to her success as a real estate broker, and the success of her clients achieving the outcome they desired. When Rebecca isn't working, you can probably find her jogging in her Clinton/Division neighborhood where she lives, grabbing a bite to eat at the food carts with her family, or having a cocktail at one of her favorite local spots.
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Rebecca Wilson

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