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In my feelings…

By Becca Barron, September 10, 2018

In my feelings…

Saying goodbye to summer can be bittersweet for Portlanders. It’s farewell to long warm nights out at the river, backyard hangouts with your friends and family, crazy amazing fresh tomatoes at the local farmers market, and that glorious glorious sunshine. Dry streets perfect for bicycling turn slick with rain and happy hour on the patio has to move indoors. It can be a tough transition with a lot of mixed feelings. Here is a little list of ways to ease the shock and take advantage of this weird part of the year that is simultaneously too hot and too cold.

  1. The Swifts are back. During September the yearly roosting phenomenon at Chapman Elementary is in full swing before they fly off south for winter. Check the weather and pack a picnic and check out a distinctly Portland event. Arrive about an hour before sundown to see the whole show and stake out a good spot. Whether you are Team Swift or Team Hawk, you are probably gonna get some feels.
  2. It’s high time for tea time. It’s just too dang hot during the summer to enjoy a good cuppa. Several local tea makers do taste testing, so pick up a new book at Powell’s and go post up in a tea shop for a few hours enjoying a hot pot of a new favorite.
  3. Boots, baby! I love a sandal as much as the next person, but let’s be real. Nothing kicks ass like a good boot.
  4. You can actually wear 90% of your wardrobe. If you lived here for more than a few years, you probably have accumulated quite an extensive collection of warm and rain-proof items in your closet. By the time we get to the end of summer, often the rotation of shorts and tanks and dresses is feeling a little stale.
  5. The city starts feeling less crowded. The summer looky-loos have gone back home to Cali or New York or wherever, and the bars start feeling cozier and more neighborly. Also traffic sucks a little less thanks to the lack of out-of-state drivers in rental cars.
  6. PUMPKIN SPICE TIME! JK fuck that.
  7. This summer was particularly smokey and dirty, so the clear crisp air is a welcome respite for our burning lungs.

Whether you are a summer baby or a fall freak, be sure to take care of yourself during this transitional time. It’s a tough world out there.

Becca Barron

Earth Advantage Broker

[embed][/embed] I have been fascinated with real estate, architecture and design since I first discovered Frank Lloyd Wright. My father is a Master Craftsman who instilled a passion for investing in one’s environment at a young age. Because of these formative experiences, I chose to become a Portland realtor, dedicated to finding my clients the right mix of home and community. With a degree in art education and three years teaching in the Portland school district combined with over a decade of experience as a local small business owner, I have developed an extensive knowledge of our varied neighborhoods. While I know and love the Portland metro area, I am fascinated by the sub-pockets of communities and culture that are popping up within a ten-mile radius. There are amazing sprawling mid-century ranches with floor to ceiling windows and full height basements just waiting for you to convert them. In these hidden neighborhoods, you’ll find great schools, little dive bars, and farmers markets with close access to all of the beautiful Pacific Northwest nature we know and love. For those of you ready to sell, my goal is to market your home to the largest pool of buyers possible. I have a knack for resourceful staging, utilizing the tools at hand. I have a hands-on and compassionate approach to what can be a stressful time. With Living Room Realty's cutting edge marketing tools and my own technological & social networking savvy, you will achieve maximum exposure in the market. When I’m not touring houses or prepping listings, I’ll be kayak fishing on a remote lake while continuing my quest to find the top-secret hot springs and hidden swimming holes of the Northwest. In the city, you’ll find me playing pickelball in Eastmoreland or tucked away in my leather workshop under the Morrison bridge. I don’t just help you find a home -  I strive to help build inclusive and sustainable communities. From Boomers who want to downsize and move to the coast, to Millennials buying their first home, I’m here for you. Whether you're an experienced investor, new homebuyer, or have questions about the process, I am here to provide you with informed, honest, and ethical answers.
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Becca Barron

Earth Advantage Broker

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