Blog Stories Fantastic urban NE home for fantastic clients!

Fantastic urban NE home for fantastic clients!

By Esmé Harbour, October 1, 2019

I met Michaela and Dave at a open house for a listing of mine. They loved the style and location of that house, but not the layout or size. While that house wasn’t right for them, we quickly got to work looking for one that was. We searched in SE (though Dave knew he was a NE boy at heart). We searched away from the urban core (though Michaela knew she was a urban girl at heart). Ultimately we ended up finding the perfect house for them, and on the same street as the house where we originally met! This house has everything: fantastic inner NE location combined with fantastic size and layout! We went to work writing a competitive offer and got the sellers to accept before they held the first open houses that weekend. While I’d love to take credit for getting our offer accepted so quickly, I’m pretty sure it came down to Michaela’s stellar letter to the sellers (she’s a writer by trade and hobby, plus she just loves the house)! I’m so honored to have been a part of these fantastic folk’s journey to a fantastic house.

Esmé Harbour


Esmé Harbour


As a native Oregonian raised in Portland, Esmé has a deep connection and affinity for this city. She loves the neighborhoods, the parks, and coffee shops. From her upbringing in SW, her tenure in the Alberta Arts District, and her current home in the N Williams Corridor, she has seen Portland change and grow in such exciting ways. Living on both the West and East side of Portland has given her a great perspective and knowledge of each neighborhood’s unique personality and charm. Her approach to real estate is grounded in personalized service and clear communication. She sees herself as an advisor and desires to help people have the best possible experience buying or selling a home. She is genuinely excited to assist her clients in making the home transitions that are right for them. Esmé is continually honored to be able to assist people in this important process. Her commitment to community is evident in both in her work and lifestyle. She sits on the board of the Williams Vancouver Business Association and in her free time tries to take advantage of all that Portland and the surrounding areas have to offer. She especially enjoys working in her garden, hiking, going out to eat, running, kayaking, yoga, cross-country skiing, watching live music, catching a Timbers or Thorns game, and having adventures of all sorts!
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Esmé Harbour


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