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Finding the Right Home in Two Days!

By Kris Vogt, May 28, 2021

Do you believe in friends at first sight? I do, Alison was so great to work with. We met through a mutual friend and it felt like friendship on the first phone call. Working with the Monahan’s was a dream. Originally from Denver, Alison was just accepted to OHSU medical school and needed a place to live nearby. We needed to find something close to the tram for Alison to easily to get to classes. OHSU parking is not an option for most students due to cost and availability.   She also did not want to deal with all of the maintenance of owning a standalone home, so this condo really was the perfect option.

Just two days after finding out she was accepted into OHSU medical school Alison and her mom flew out to Portland. We had two days to find her the right fit and the last place we saw on day two was the winner.  Both of Alison’s parents are lawyers so having clients who had lots of contractual questions was refreshing. Not to mention, felt pretty good I was able to answer these detailed questions. We used CID Analytics to review the HOA and I was able to defer to Alison’s parents Tim and Lesleigh and ask questions about the HOA documents since so much of that is lawyer-speak.  I learned a lot more about HOA’s through this experience.

Cheers to you Alison! Congrats on medical school and your beautiful new home!


Kris Vogt



Kris Vogt has got her finger on Portland’s pulse. Born and raised in the city, she’s lived all over town, and currently resides in the Division/Clinton neighborhood. Her favorite aspects of the local scene range from the great outdoors to the boundless culinary and entertainment opportunities. Whether you are new in town or a current resident yourself, Kris’s love for her hometown is infectious. Prior to real estate, Kris worked in the entertainment industry in LA as a stylist. Upon her return to PDX she worked as a producer in some of the top creative agencies in the city. Kris and her husband rehabbed a few homes, and in bringing her own flair to the process, she decided to combine her passion and love of community into a real estate career.  Kris works  with investors, buyers and sellers here in Portland and wants to hear what others love about Portland and help them find their happy place.
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