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Following Through

By Drew Burchette, October 14, 2019

When I first met with Nicole in the early part of 2019, we had a pretty loose plan: touch base in May or June and see how she was feeling about buying a home. Early-summer came and she wasn’t feeling it. We resolved to keep in touch and see how 2020 shapes up.

Then in September (2019) I get word that she is done with apartment living and is ready to get rolling! We toured a bunch of homes and there were a few contenders in the bunch. There was one that we wrote a half-hearted offer on that didn’t quite come together (which was good in my opinion). It was  ‘quick-flip’ and I just knew that the fresh white paint would fade quickly to reveal a hack-renovation.

Then the perfect house came on: cute 20’s one level with a new-ish ADU in the back. It got a few offers, but my client prevailed. The house seemed to be in good condition and in my mind…the inspection will just be a formality. I was correct until the inspector came out of the crawl space. He was down there so long that I had to call for him to make sure he was okay. He was fine, but the crawl was a bit of a mess: thrashed insulation, dry rotted joists/beams and areas of settled foundation. Yikes! The sellers were committed to making it right. Between repair negotiations, the actual work and re-inspection there were dozens for folks down in that crawl to do the work and then make sure it was done right.

When it was all said and done, the structure was made sound and so was the peace of mind for the buyer to close the sale. Following through paid off in the end!!

Drew Burchette

Principal Broker

I arrived in the real estate business over a decade ago and have since helped scores of people buy and sell their homes. The groundswell that I created in my practice is rooted in the relationships that I have nurtured over the years. My style is educational, and I see myself as the coach and leader of your real estate transaction. My coaching is geared towards empowering you to make informed decisions that will lead to your best possible outcome. I excel at asking the questions that get to the heart of the matter which in turn enables a smooth sale process. Away from the office I am passionate about so many things, but it all begins and ends with my family. My boys are both in elementary school and parenting is an ongoing challenge and joy for my wife and I. We love to travel around Oregon, the East Coast, Mexico and beyond. My passion for surfing, kiteboarding, and fishing help to keep me grounded in life. Read more reviews
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Drew Burchette

Principal Broker

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