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From City Life to Backyard Oasis in Milwaukee

By Robin Hakeman, May 15, 2020

Rachel & Cole Akerson along with their 10 year old daughter Brooklyn were living the city life in Portland. They had dreams of buying a home with a nice yard and once Oregon’s stay at home orders were put in place, the time was right. The small space they were living in became too much to handle. The first home we looked at was a 1940’s ranch that had been fully remodeled. And when we stepped into the expansive backyard oasis, they knew they were home. There are fruit trees and garden beds, a fire pit, hot tub, and covered patio. Not to mention a stand alone sauna with an outdoor shower!

The home has a finished basement with a well-lit bedroom and bathroom for Brooklyn, along with a family room and laundry area. The kitchen is remodeled with a vintage vibe fits well with the rest of the home. There are two bedrooms on the main floor a remodeled bathroom, plus a family room with a modern electric fireplace. This is about three times the amount of space they had in the condo.

The Akerson’s looked at a few more homes but nothing compared to the feeling they had when they first saw this home. They submitted a strong offer and the waiting began. After two days of waiting and multiple offers on the home, they wanted to see a couple more homes just in case. While we were out looking, the news came in that their offer was accepted. Witnessing their emotional embrace is something I will never forget.

It’s an exciting time as Rachel, Cole and Brooklyn move from their city life to this backyard oasis in Milwaukee. I am honored to have represented them through this purchase!






Robin Hakeman

Earth Advantage Broker

True job love!

One of the things Robin loves most about her work in real estate is that it never feels like "work" to her. After working as a merchandise manager for some top local apparel and home brands she found her way to real estate and will never look back. She is that rare combination of business smarts meets creativity and her skills are well suited for real estate. She has the analytical background necessary to help both buyers and sellers with numbers and negotiation, as well as the creative vision to help clients best prepare their homes for sale. As a native Oregonian, Robin has lived in NW Portland and NE Portland and the SW suburbs. She has worked in areas all over the city and has seen the changes to the area over the last 10+ years. When she's not at the office or out with clients, you can find her taking a barre3 class, hiking, enjoying family time, volunteering at a school and enjoying local theater arts. Robin is passionate about understanding the needs of each client and will work hard to help you realize your goals. She is dedicated to being a complete resource for you before, during and after your home purchase or sale. One of the aspects of this process that she values the most is the relationships she builds with her clients. Buying or selling a home can be stressful and Robin is here to work though it all with you.    
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