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Hands-on-Hips Sustainable home textiles from Turkey

By Lydia Groenendyk, August 7, 2019









-Sustainable home textiles from Turkey-


Hands-on- Hips is a local woman-based company in Portland. Dedicated to women empowerment, the name of the business comes from an Anatolian motif, symbolized by a mother goddess standing in her power.  

Since launching her business in the summer of 2018, Elif Sari Genc has met and collaborated with other women-owned businesses here in town, while also working with local pop-up markets who support local businesswomen and owners, such as the Sundaze Collective and the Portland Bazaar. 

A bit about Peshtemals…

Turkish towels, also known as Peshtemals have been handwoven in the small towns of Turkey for centuries. Traditionally Peshtemals were used in Turkish baths (Hammam), Turkish towels have become essentials of modern life with their multi-use functionality.  Although mainly used as bath towels, Turkish towels are also used for yoga/meditation practices, as bedcovering, decorative throws, and can even be used as a baby wrap or nursing cover. Not only are they made from the most natural of fibers, such as cotton and linen they are also 100% free of any allergens or chemicals. these features help make Turkish Towels energy-efficient, sustainable, and environment-friendly. 

Be sure to visit Hands-on- Hips online or at your local Portland pop-up shops!!!

Lydia Groenendyk


Originally from New Mexico, Lydia moved to Portland in the summer of 2012. She brings over 5 years of sales experience, media marketing and client acquisition, business to business sales. Lydia’s love for real estate and architecture, as well as her passion for community building and advocating for her clients led her to her current career as a real estate broker. Lydia’s goal in all client relationships is to build a strong foundation based on trust, and open and honest communication so that everyone feels confident and knowledgeable. In her free time you can find her out on the river, hiking a trail, or camping under the stars. One day she hopes to flip her own home someplace out in the woods near the water. During the week after work she volunteers her time teaching English to the immigrant community in NE Portland. She is currently working on expanding the program to include GED and Citizenship classes as well as higher level English classes.
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Lydia Groenendyk

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