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Happy in Hazelwood

By Joanne Fantozzi, May 28, 2019

It never fails—really great clients refer other REALLY GREAT PEOPLE! Such was the case with Emma and Mike, referred to me by past client Ellie and her sister, Julia. We met to chat about working together at a beer shop on Division and agreed we were a fit. Mike, a renewable energy engineer who works from home and Emma, a biologist at a non-profit had a short but specific list. Tops on the must haves were outdoor space for growing vegetables, berries and native plants for Emma and a separate space for Mikes work from home job and personal tinkering as a furniture builder and mechanic.

Things moved quickly – one sale fail on a house later (listed by an app based company that didn’t seem to know much about the property they were selling) lead us next to the right house. In a field of seven offers, Mike and Emma stepped up and competed, winning the bid without losing their minds or their pocketbooks. Everything moved apace from there and they are now happily ensconced in their new place in Hazelwood, adjacent to the Gateway district.

Hazelwood is a gem of a NE Portland neighborhood with warm and welcoming neighbors including the list agent (shout out to Winston!)  Old growth Doug Firs pepper the lots, many of which were delightfully developed at an angle to the street, all making for a lovely Pacific NW ambience.   Max is nearby and the bike lane improvements are ongoing. Just blocks away, the new Gateway Discovery Park serves as a four acre living room for the neighborhood, offering a much needed public space for a community long underserved by parks.

Emma and Mike were married this past weekend in a small gathering in Hood River.  I am verklempt over the knowledge that two of the kindest and most genuine of souls found one another and made it official in one of their favorite spots.  When good people join with other good people, the world cannot help but be a better place for their presence.  Here’s to many years happy together there in your little corner of Portland, dear Mike and Emma. I’ll be popping by to say hello and to check in on what you’re building and growing. Happy tinkering!


Joanne Fantozzi

Earth Advantage Broker

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