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Help My Roof is Leaking!

By Dill Ward, March 1, 2021

Let’s talk about your options as a roof owner. Over the span of time between a roof installation and the complete failure of the roof, any number of circumstances can interrupt our peaceful enjoyment of the sheltering function that makes roofs so unique.

What do you know about your roof? There are 7 shapes of roof utilized by architects to cover us from the elements: Flat, Pitched, Conical, Sloped Flat, Butterfly, Sateri, and Mansard.

What is your roof even made of? Every roof has a lifespan, shape and material durability can influence lifespan. On average a modern roof will last 20 to 50 years, some types last even longer. Ultimately, the older the roof, the higher the possibility of a leak. If you find water pooling after a wild storm here’s what you can do regardless of material:


Stop the damage, move things out of the way, and remove/contain as much water as possible.


Cover Problem areas of the roof with a tarp (keeping a water-proof tarp on hand, check flat roof drains for clogging ice or tree debris).


Photograph as much of the damages and affected roof area as possible for insurance purposes


Call a roofer (or three) to get on their calendar for repair bids, depending on the time of year repair may .

You can also look to your REALTOR® for help if you’re not feeling comfortable with finding a roofer as we’ve become pretty well versed at vetting contractors.

Each roof has benefits, and every roof has weaknesses. Failed Flashing, failed materials, punctured tiles, cracked tiles, and the unavoidable tree falling during one strong storm can bring an unexpected repair bill.

Some mechanical hiccups can bring water intrusion, such as blocked drains, wind blowing water behind flashing, and remedies for these problems can be unblocking/blocking points of penetration.

Regular maintenance can help guard against unexpected leaks. Topical maintenance includes keeping the roof clear of debris, and keeping the gutters clear. Material maintenance might include applying rubber/silicone/polyurethane caulking to major cracking areas or minor roof repair of shingles/tiles if that is in your comfort zone.

If you find yourself with leaks after taking every step, the worst case scenario is a full roof replacement. This option sounds scary, but a new roof makes quite a great perk if you plan to sell within 10 years, as many buyers find the cost of a new roof startling.

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Dill Ward

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