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Hollywood has a lot of Heart

By Jené DeSpain, May 1, 2020

As it has been said so often it’s become the market’s mantra, “location, location, location” can be the essential pillar of any buyers’ search for a new home. In Portland, this quest for the ideal location can feel like trying to choose your favorite coffee shop, because the truth of the matter is the coffee here tends to be pretty darn delicious almost anywhere you go. The neighborhoods in this beautiful city are pretty spectacular, and while I may be seeing things through my local rose-colored glasses, I think you could chat with most folks who live here and hear a similar take on Bridgetown.

When Pete and Carley started thinking about where they wanted to live, there were a handful of neighborhoods that met many of their hopes. We saw some really lovely options in North Portland with gorgeous views of Forest Park and the river. Then we peeked at a few places around Alberta and Kenton, and went out to Roseway to visit a noteworthy bungalow. Once we saw the classic English Tudor in Hollywood, they knew they had found their home. Right around the corner from Carley’s work, an easy commute for Pete, and the best dog park in NE where their pup could run free – this plucked at every heart chord. Congratulations to these incredible clients! It’s been SO rewarding to help make this dream come true with you two. đź–¤

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