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Home Buying Made Easy — The Hassle Free Experience!

By Living Room Realty, November 21, 2018

Home Buying Made Easy – The Hassle Free Experience!


“Yay!  Thank you so much for making this so easy!” – Stephanie

Newlywed, and ready to make in investment in their future; Stephanie and James were a powerhouse from the start.  They’d heard that our mutual friends Jessica and Chris (recent clients / long time friends) were able to save 100% of their closing costs and have a hassle free experience.  Naturally, they wanted a win/win too so they hired the same lending team with Tom Hestmark at Mortgage Express and signed on with me as their REALTOR®.

We met at Living Room Realty‘s lovely little Multnomah Village office to go over the ‘standards and expectations’ meeting I have with all my clients.  Because Stephanie and James were able to articulate what their goals were, we were able to find their home in almost no time.

Once again, a first time buyer had 100% of their closing costs paid for by the seller!

This is a HUGE deal for most buyers.  Thousands of dollars in out of pocket savings can make or break first time home ownership for many people.

Often times when submitting an offer and right out of the gate asking for 100% closings to be covered, sellers expect that there won’t be a lot of repairs to negotiate if at all.  Understandably, while that is often the implied intent when writing such an offer, it’s not always the case.

For Stephanie and James, they didn’t find much to worry about during inspections, but the two items they asked for were immediately approved, and repaired at the Seller’s expense.

There are many different strategies to take when presenting an offer on the right home.  It all depends on what the goals and priorities are, and in conjunction with the competition the market brings, and the seller’s motivations.

In this case, the owner had already moved out of state and desired a simple positive experience with perspective buyers.  Stephanie and James also wished for the same experience and wanted to save as much money as possible.  We were able to accomplish everyone’s desires, and I must share that part of this was due to working with a great REALTOR® who represented her seller also.  Communication and professionalism are largely impactful on everyone’s experience.  For anyone out there house hunting, make note the importance of who you’re working with on all sides.

Congratulations and thank you to Stephanie and James for working with me to establish and execute a brilliant plan of action.  Everyone accomplished their goals and came out winners!  This is home buying made easy!



If you’d like help buying, selling, or small space planning, I’d love to be a part of your team too!


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