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By Living Room Realty, June 29, 2018

Portland is the coolest. No doubt about it, we live in an awesome city with awesome folks. But despite how fun it is to live here, I have noticed a strong shift in where my clients are looking to live. Perhaps the kids who were raised as city dwellers are looking to get a little more space. Perhaps our frenetic pace of life has us wanting to get a little closer to nature. Or maybe it’s just really good marketing by REI. But my clients are headed out of town in droves.

Kendra and Chris, some of my best friends and best clients, are a prime example, and you could see it coming a mile off. Not that they didn’t enjoy their time in Kendra’s sweet little NoPo Bungalow. But they spent the bulk of their time outside, improving the yard and garden, growing an insane amount of veggies, and trekking outside the city to spend their free time in the wilderness.

So when it came time for them to buy something together, I knew they were gonna want to get out of town and find some space. And they definitely found it! A third of an acre with a tidy split level house, a few blocks from the river in Milwaukie. With approximately 1 billion projects on their brains, including chickens, mass vegetable beds, meat rabbits and an outbuilding, they are ready to dive into the Homestead Light life.

Congrats, you two!

Living Room Realty

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