Blog Stories HOROSCOPES: As 2020 arrives, the stars advise you to go for it.

HOROSCOPES: As 2020 arrives, the stars advise you to go for it.

By Living Room Realty, January 17, 2020


JAN 20–FEB 18

People often look to you as a calm and steady force in their lives. While an honor, you can end up feeling drained. Be sure to take plenty of time for yourself this year, completely GUILT FREE: massage, weekend getaway, hot tub—you get the idea. Your cup needeth be fulleth to runneth over.


FEB 19–MAR 20

You’re fun and you know it, with big plans for 2020 sure to reap rewards for you. Beware of resistance that sets in after the initial excitement wears off. Set small, achievable daily goals, even if it means allocating just 10 minutes a day for that novel. Let it be enough.


MAR 21–APR 19

The New Year may trigger your desire for control. Challenge yourself to let others take the reins from time to time. Focus on being more in your body, less in your head; and trust that you won’t betray yourself, but actually tap into something deeper. You’ll know when it’s time to act.


APR 20–MAY 20

The holidays are barely over and you’re already planning the next adventure. Your deep appreciation for love and beauty can make the day-to-day frustrating. Now is a perfect time to dive into smaller creative projects, or simply find the joy in people watching at the DMV.


MAY 21–JUN 20

Cultivating variety is important to Geminis and can make you an especially dynamic partner and employee. Lean into it. Don’t be afraid to let people know what you need. If the answer is no, you can at least enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you advocated for yourself.


JUN 21–JUL 22

January can feel especially cold and daunting to your sensitive nature. Your instinct may be to retreat, but try to make time to socialize. Even the incredibly self-sufficient need to lean on others sometimes. Allow yourself to be nurtured.


JUL 23–AUG 22

You tend to set big goals for yourself, sure this is the year you’ll be different. While your ability to achieve is impressive, try to appreciate where you are right now. You have a tendency to push the goal line, without noticing your progress. Meditation would be especially helpful, even if it’s hard to sit still.


AUG 23–SEPT 22

You have an inner dialogue that can be exhausting. Your challenge this year, Virgo, is to let go and trust your gut more. You will miss something and inevitably make mistakes, lean into them. Fail often and graciously, then move on.


SEPT 23–OCT 22

Speak up. Your frustrations and concerns are often suppressed by your fear of confrontation. Let that go. Better to tell your partner now you’d prefer to choose the restaurant, rather than let the resentment build. You could also stand to brag more about your accomplishments.


OCT 23–NOV 21

Slow down. It’s barely January and you’re barreling into March with your appointments. Your passion and resourcefulness can send you into overdrive this time of year. Call a friend or loved one and have a long chat. What would happen if you really surrendered?


NOV 22–DEC 21

You’ve had no shortage of invites over the holidays and it’s left you a little drained. Holding your tongue over the dinner table can be tricky. Your first mission this month is to seek silence when you can. You’ll be recharged for more adventures and back to entertaining at parties.


DEC 22–JAN 19

Dive in. After rest and time with loved ones over the last couple weeks, you’re more than ready for the year ahead. Your tendency to worry about the future can stop you from accepting healthy challenges. If something goes wrong, you’ll deal with it when it happens. Until then, get to work on what you love and enjoy yourself.

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