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House Buying Like A Boss

By Nichole Connelly, February 16, 2019

Working away in my car, waiting for my clients to show for the first of many showings- I think to myself “how in the h are they going to pull this off??”. With three active young boys ranging from 2 to 9 years old, house shopping can’t exactly be a breeze. Taking off 10 shoes, open houses, snack attacks, brotherly pinches and bites- they proceed to skillfully execute the process and glide through homes. Often with a quick “nope” we would move on to the next, and they never failed to keep smiling. With an eye of a professional, they would squint at each other and exchange an “Oh… I like this one!” (I cringe silently, wondering if I’m losing my knack of reading sarcasm), “we could blow this wall out, turn that corner into a pantry, rework this living room wall, and add a bedroom here!” (…….. I see nothing but a 1978 beige kitchen with original countertops…). Their wish list is a fair one, 3-4 bedrooms, an office (if we can manage), a yard for the boys to toss a baseball in and tackle each other’s ankles, and most importantly a safe home with great schools for their gorgeous children. Sitting up on the hill overlooking Mount Hood we find the perfect home; great schools (check), the right quiet street for bike riding and games (check), more than enough bedrooms and a fenced in yard (check check).. Eureka! My heart bubbles with happiness as I watch the boys zip through the hallway giggling and claiming the master bedroom as “theirs”. Portland is now officially the permanent home for 5 of the most incredible people I’ve had the honor of knowing, working with, and calling my framily. I am so glad I get to watch the boys grow up, and be part of their memories. A huge congratulations, and an even bigger thank you! <3

Nichole Connelly

Broker Licensed in OR & WA

Driven, passionate and all done with a sense of humor. Nichole’s love for people will shine through the moment you meet her. With more than 15 years in the finance industry, she not only knows the in and outs of lending, affordability and marketing; she has a solid understanding of how to blend aggressive negotiations with kindness and integrity to get the optimal result for her clients. An Oregonian native- Nichole grew up in the Willamette valley, went to college in Eugene and finished up in Portland in 2004. Her love for unique architecture and the joy in finding “the perfect home” logically led her to becoming a Realtor. Nichole prides herself on representing individuals and families from all walks of life, and is passionate to create an equal opportunity- especially when buying a home. From starter homes, to investment properties- her attention to detail, experience, quick response time and genuine desire to please her clients will be a continued asset to both sides of the sales process.
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