Blog Stories How about a downsize and a relocation all in one? SOLD to one fabulous woman.

How about a downsize and a relocation all in one? SOLD to one fabulous woman.

By Stephanie Fox, October 2, 2019

Yet again, real estate is pulling on my heart strings. My client moved from everything and everyone she knew in Nashville to make a change for herself. Her adult children are off living their lives, her giant house in the woods was a lot of work, and she was ready for a fresh scene.

Art, food, and lifestyle are just some of the things that led her to Portland for her downsize. Did I mention we take our pastries very seriously? Oh, and she is an incredible oil painter, shopper, and chef. All things that Portland can surely support.

I promised Jacqueline I would protect her as if she were my own mother, and you bet I did it. It took a while but we left no stone unturned. I drove her around, got to know her, and felt like I did my duty. She got an awesome home with the light she needs to paint, the space she needs for visitors, and within walking distance to her transit, plus a grocery store.

We checked off the list and I got to know a really wonderful woman who will absolutely remain in my life in return. We closed last Friday and last night I had the pleasure of helping her move some personal things, followed by some flights of bubbles and all of the cheese– hope she knows its not over. More bubbles to come. More laughs to be had. So many lessons I will never forget and as she often said, “we know who we are.” Counting my blessings again and again.

Stephanie Fox


I've lived in and loved Oregon all my life. An early obsession with houses and all that happens inside them, plus a sincere interest in human connections is what led me to the real estate world. Having degrees in leadership and management and human resources, I have found a real pleasure in connecting that special, sappy community feel to real estate. Buying and selling homes is a huge deal and I want my clients to feel supported throughout the process. A few promises if we get to work together: education | communication | guidance | commitment | community. You will not be left in the dark- ever. *Wanting to sell a home?* I will help guide you through the prepping and the primping. Offering fresh marketing and a thorough approach to get you the best sale possible. *Wanting to buy a home?* I will keep you up to speed by walking carefully through repair options and negotiation strategies. I will connect you with the necessary service people like roofers, HVAC technicians, and even interior designers. Years after the sale has closed? That same service still applies. I really love this business. I love working with wonderful humans to accomplish such a significant goal. I love looking at and getting to constantly learn new things about homes and the stories they hold. I love a good, win-win negotiation where everyone gets to walk away happy. And since we're talking bio, it seems worth noting that when I'm not selling houses, you'll catch me hanging with my beloved and very dorky dachshund, wrangling my two crazy cats, hiking the Gorge and exploring the outdoors, appreciating our environment, and enjoying my people. Visiting from out of town? Ask me for some recommendations! Want to get together or know someone who could use my services? Give me a call or shoot me a text: 503-999-2457 or emailĀ
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