Blog Stories Shop Talk Vol. 3: Is Landscaping Worth the Investment?

Shop Talk Vol. 3: Is Landscaping Worth the Investment?

By Aryne + Dulcinea, June 20, 2018

The concept of curb appeal has exploded over the last decade, with hit renovation and real estate shows drawing more attention to a home’s exterior charm. But is ponying up the cash for professional landscaping services really worth the cost?


An investigation by The Washington Post revealed the complexities of pinpointing a specific percentage or dollar amount sellers can expect to yield from their investment. Some sources cited a minimum return on investment beginning at 150%, while others declare an approximate increase in home value ranging from 5% – 20%. Though the figures may be up for debate, the consensus is clear: landscaping is worth the investment, as it is likely to increase perceived home value.  To ensure the greatest return on your landscaping efforts, be sure to take these factors into consideration:


Define your budget

Setting your budget will help establish the scope of your project. One of the great benefits of landscaping projects is that they can be effective with limited cost, especially if you’re willing to put in hard labor. Individuals on a limited budget should focus on the front of the house and designated yard areas, clearing unkempt areas and bringing in aspects of color by way of flowering annuals and striking perennials. More extensive project budgets can be used to hire professional landscaping services to create your ideal yard space.


Keep it tasteful

While investing in the exterior of your home will enhance marketability, strategy is key if you want to yield impressive returns. Sellers should be sure that their landscaping blueprints are in line with current trends. Similarly, owners should be aware that less is not always more in the case of landscape design. Landscaping that is viewed as too high-maintenance may actually be a turn-off to many potential buyers. Ask Aryne + Dulcinea for their assistance in selecting a landscaping professional, so you can ensure your future yard is in alignment with your home’s architectural style and modern design practices.


Think long-term

When it comes to landscaping, sustainability is a huge selling point. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, creating an outdoor space that is self-maintained reduces the extent of labor and cost for your home’s future owners.


Investing in your home’s exterior space can be a huge draw for potential buyers, and a well-tended yard can increase the likelihood of buyers setting up a home tour. In making improvements to your outdoor space, seek to create a space that works well in your climate and adheres to current trends. To get a better sense of what buyers in the market are looking for, speak with Aryne + Dulcinea, who can provide you with the professional landscaping services to elevate your outdoor space and maximize your investment!

Aryne + Dulcinea

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