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Is Now the Time to Sell?

By Shannon Dooley, January 13, 2021

Sometimes we get to that moment of warmth in the realization that we’ve finally landed in a place where we can settle in, grow some roots, and really get to living. Then sometimes life gets in the way. If 2020 wasn’t that year for you – congratulations!

For some recent clients it was work that surprised them with a forced move across the country. So in the middle of a pandemic they needed to make some minor repairs, paint the entire interior of the house, and have some landscaping taken care of. All while working from home with two small children – one who needed constant supervision so he didn’t break himself (again) and one who required a parent to be their teacher for the majority of the day. No problem!

“No problem,” became a mantra in 2020. It was a year full of new challenges, but in the end it was better than could have been expected. We found new, socially distanced, ways to do business, came up with new solutions to what were now unique scenarios, and ultimately made things happen. Lots of things. Portland real estate was bustling through the first 9 months of the pandemic – and we’re still going.

A lot of people have been on the fence about selling for reasons that are completely understandable, but if you’re willing to be flexible and think out of the box now could be a great time to sell your home. We’ve been in a strong seller’s market for quite awhile, but now more than ever. The combination of historically low inventory in conjunction with great interest rates has left buyers competing for homes across the Portland Metro and Vancouver areas.

If you’re interested in talking about this more feel free to reach out!

Shannon Dooley

Principal Broker in OR | Broker in WA | Earth Advantage | ADU Specialist


Long before I lived here I was enamored with the Pacific Northwest. Growing up in the high desert of Nevada I found the dichotomy of the moisture and associated life in the PNW incredibly appealing. As a teenager I was certain I wanted to live in Seattle, then one trip to Portland changed my mind. I was in love with this city instantly and knew this is where I wanted to grow and where I wanted to raise my daughter. That was 20 years ago and I’m still enamored. I have gotten to know this city inside and out and am continually grateful that my job is also my passion.  As a third generation REALTOR® I truly feel like real estate is in my DNA. Unlike many generational Realtors my business is built from the ground up. I started in 2016 and haven’t stopped yet. I believe in perpetual growth and am continually seeking knowledge and experience that will benefit my clients. I learned a lot about basic construction principles growing up with a father who could, and would, take on any home renovation project. More recently I took lessons from my former spouse who was a general contractor and home inspector. Those experiences provided a great base, but the most significant learning has happened since becoming a general contractor myself and starting a small construction company in 2019.  I love our communities, neighborhoods, and especially our houses. We are lucky to live in an architecturally diverse city where you can find almost any style of home and many vintage homes, some dating back to the 1800s. This can prove overwhelming for a lot of people, but I love these old houses and have an abundance of knowledge to help my clients navigate without fear.  I believe in real estate as the most important investment we can make for longitudinal wealth and want to help everyone realize that potential. For this reason first time homebuyers hold a special place in my heart, I love getting people started on that journey. The truth is I love it all. Seasoned investors who just want to talk numbers? Great. Coordinating with empathy and kindness to handle an estate? Yes please. Working with sellers to prepare their homes and finding the right way to say goodbye? Absolutely. I love it all. When I’m not obsessing over houses or helping my clients prepare for their next move you can find me hiding out in the mountains or at the beach, traveling internationally, re-learning the piano, meeting new people, attempting to keep house plants alive, exploring Portland neighborhoods, and supporting local businesses. I bought my dream house in North Portland where I live with my dog Arnold and the worlds most talkative cat John Meowkovich. I’m always taking on some sort of life endeavor and have been part of starting a food truck, owning and developing a small farm property, and writing a children’s book. “Can’t Stop - Won’t Stop” should probably be my motto. My adult daughter is an amazing human that brings me great joy. I couldn’t be more proud.  
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