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It Only Takes One!

By Kevin Salisbury, August 28, 2020

Big congratulations to S&V for purchasing their first home together! This was one of those rare moments, where the first house they saw ended up being the one! Props to the both of them for being decisive, and taking action — in this market, decisiveness is key, and it really paid off. 

In my experience, it’s hard for many buyers to get over the idea of there being “something better” out there that hasn’t hit the market yet — especially for first time buyers. I have also learned that often times there isn’t’ something better, and many clients have missed out on great homes,  because they aren’t able to be decisive. 

Many of my clients have heard me remind them to look for that 85% perfect home, and when it comes along, be ready to take action! In some cases, it’s the first house you see, like this one was for S&V. Congrats to you both again, it was a pleasure working with you!


Kevin Salisbury

Broker | OR


Kevin is an Oregon native and University of Oregon graduate, who has a passion for community involvement and betterment.  Having lived in Portland for nearly a decade, Kevin has immersed himself in the culture of Portland and has built a reputation for himself based on hard work and professionalism.
Throughout his life, Kevin's drive has always been motivated by helping others, and he believes that there is no greater feeling than overcoming adversity and reaching a goal.  Putting this passion to work in the Real Estate field has proven to be a natural fit, and Kevin's unrivaled dedication to his clients helps to set him apart in the industry.
Kevin takes great pride in being a Realtor and strives to be an asset to his clients on a consistent basis – before, during, and after the purchase or sale of a home.  Kevin places a lot of value in the relational aspect of this profession, and his clients appreciate his ability to listen and show that he truly cares.  In short, Kevin is an experienced negotiator, industrious by nature, and a true advocate for his clients.
If you are looking for a hard-working, energetic Realtor with a wealth of market knowledge, give Kevin a call today!
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