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Just Blocks From all the Good Stuff- Sold in Rose City

By Living Room Realty, August 28, 2020

I don’t mean to brag but my sweet buyers just snagged the best little bungalow right next to so many attractions! Walk score of 88, bike score of 96, say what?! Ever heard of If not  and you’re in the home buying game, make sure to give it a look. Lots of helpful information about locations. Now that i’m finished with the walk score plug, let’s move back to our main program tonight- that is congratulating Asiya & Ian.

These two BROUGHT. IT. HOME! As soon as they entered the home buying market they meant business. They had to write a couple offers before we landed the right fit, but every offer they wrote was strong and competitive and I knew from the beginning that they were laser focused. I always tell people it makes sense when you lose a home once you find the replacement option later. Sort of like dating, there are more fish in the sea. That is until you KNOW there is no other fish, aka house. That is what happened here, they were excited as soon as we went inside and they made it happen by jumping through all sorts of competitive terms to shine and their offer was chosen. They had a match.

This place happens to have the perfect basement for their home gym, a rad garage for Ian’s woodworking visions, and more of the good kind of charm than you can imagine.

This is their first home and they are engaged- can’t wait to see what their future holds and feeling lucky and sentimental as ever to know them.

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