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A Nest for Ladybird

By Amanda Haworth, August 28, 2018

A Nest for Ladybird

One of the best things about my husband being a musician is the sphere of amazing people he comes in contact with on the regular. One such person is my pal Noelle. She has been in the circle for years and we originally met at  a local recording studio and record label.
Since we met around 10 years ago(whoa), she has become a teacher as well as gotten engaged to Matt, who works as a film producer. Coolest couple ever, right?
When they came to me to help them find a new nest, I knew this was going to be a cool adventure. They needed a home with as much soul as they had, so we set out in search of a charmer. We eventually settled on a super sweet 1920’s bungalow-turned-mid century remodeled gem out in the Roseway neighborhood.
Bonus: a great yard for their sweet pup, Ladybird. We all just work to keep the dogs in bones, right?
Congrats to Noelle and Matt on their sweet new pad!

Amanda Haworth

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