Blog Stories Let's discuss the POSITIVES of high interest rates

Let’s discuss the POSITIVES of high interest rates

By Lily Ray Wyss, October 5, 2022

Okay, this might sound wild, but with the negatives of high-interest rates being such a big topic, let’s talk a bit about how there are some benefits to a shifting market due to high rates. 

Everyone is talking about it, interest rates have taken a huge jump recently and continue to go up. 

If you are a home buyer this is super frustrating. 

And same goes even for home sellers. 

But, don’t believe everything you hear. The sky isn’t falling and there are benefits to every market for both home buyers and home sellers. 

Here is what is actually happening in the Portland Oregon Real Estate Market.

Sellers who price their home right, prep the property to shine bright, and hire the right real estate team to market their home, are still selling, and often for a price they are happy with. 

It just comes down to patients and proper expectations. 

Plus, sellers benefit from working with buyers who are often more serious and committed to a home purchase, as buyers have more time to contemplate the purchase and are required to think more seriously about the financials before committing. 

For home buyers, because of the shift in the market, they are dealing with higher rates and therefor higher monthly payments and lower affordability.  

But there are a lot of benefits to this market as well. Buyers have time to shop for homes, have more and often relatively better homes available to them than say 6 months ago. AND they are able to do inspections, negotiate repairs and credits at a higher level.

Buying or selling a home can be overwhelming especially when you are hearing so much about it in the news right now. 

But luckily you don’t have to do it alone. 

We have step by step plans and guides for both home buyers and sellers. 

If you are looking to make a move, I am here for you! 

Lily Ray Wyss

Broker | OR


I love Portland. This city, and its surrounding areas, in my opinion, are the perfect place to call home. We have the amazing ability to put our toes in the ocean, snowboard, and visit some of the world's best breweries all in one day. Our food scene is extremely diverse and prolific. Want to see a show? Comedy, music, theater, etc all have growing, well-supported scenes here. I love selling homes in Portland and more importantly educating my clients and community on how amazing this city is and how you can own a piece of this beautiful state and call it home. Follow me on Instagram to see my new finds and spotlights on the best places to eat, play, and be entertained in the area. And for information on buying/selling and current home market data. Follow at: @lilyrayresidential
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