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Life-Changing Journey to Homeownership

By Olivia Rush, July 10, 2021

I try not to get emotionally attached to outcomes, but this transaction was extra special.

Yusuf and Misrah, lovely clients of mine who purchased in 2019, reached out to me in May. They had friends who needed help purchasing their first home, and they would act as translators throughout the process.

Yusuf and Misrah introduced me to Johar and Pitra, who shared a parallel journey to theirs. Johar is originally from Myanmar (formerly Burma). In the 90s he fled by boat to Malaysia to escape genocide in his country. Over 15 years in Malaysia, he met his wife Pitra and they had two children. Opportunities for upward mobility in Malaysia were limited, so hoping to provide a better life for his family, they sought asylum as a refugee here in the US.

Johar, Pitra, and their children arrived in Oregon about 5 years ago, and had since dreamt of one day owning a home here. Johar has worked two jobs so he could save up for a down payment. Up until now, they had lived in a small apartment where the kids have had to share a room. There was also no outdoor space – not even a balcony – so the family was confined to being indoors when at home. It was difficult to have the kids’ friends over simply for lack of play space/privacy. Pitra, an amazing cook, missed being able to grow her own herbs and vegetables.

Literally the first home we saw together, they felt that all those years of hard word, sacrifice, and patience had paid off. Johar, Pitra and their kids could see a future in that home. The kids were zooming from one room to another, deciding who would sleep where. The ample 2-car garage and quarter acre lot would provide much needed space for storage, gardening, playing, and entertaining.

We had to compete against 6 offers, and it was heartbreaking when we were offered backup position. We saw several homes the following week, but each paled in comparison with the first house. It was absolute fate when a week later, I got word that the first buyers were backing out, and we were back in the game!

Inspections went very well, and we were able to negotiate some credit to put toward a non-working fireplace as well as a home warranty for the family. We were extra pleased when the house appraised for $16,000 over our offer price!

Throughout the transaction, I have been humbled to witness the support and advocacy that Yusuf and Misrah have shown to their friends. They attended each showing, inspections, signing, and key day, and were a part of each text, email, and phone call. I’m honored to have been part of such a life-changing win. Congratulations to the new homeowners!

Olivia Rush

Broker | OR & WA


As your trusted guide through the buying or selling process, you can expect me to customize my services to your specific goals and preferences, much like I did for my students during my ten years as an educator. My clients’ goals vary. A couple retiring to the Big City after 30 years on 22 acres. A woman purchasing her first home independently. A couple upsizing to support a growing family. Two friends pooling their resources to make their first investment possible. A couple navigating a divorce and the sale of their home. A refugee family with limited English setting down roots in this country. Deaf investors looking to maximize profit on their flip.  A couple selling the home of their daughter who has lost her battle to cancer. A family relocating from across the country and buying sight-unseen.  These situations all require unique, dynamic, and holistic approaches. Everyone has different needs, and it is my top priority to meet my clients where they are. For me, real estate is not transactional. It is deeply personal and inevitably life-changing. While each client requires a tailored strategy, my work ethic is unwavering. With me you can always expect organization, tenacity, responsiveness, dedication, and hustle. A gatherer of resources, a communicator of all options and possible outcomes. As your advocate, I will be brutally honest so you know what to expect. A skilled negotiator, I’ll consider every angle with your dreams and goals in mind. My clients often end up feeling like family. I am honored they trust me enough to return to me as their needs change and refer me to their friends, family, and communities. What are your real estate goals and dreams? Call or text me so we can meet to discuss your vision.  
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