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Living Through Calamity

By Gabrielle Enfield, May 18, 2021

Hi, Readers!

Hard to believe it’s been 41 years since Mt. St. Helens erupted. I remember that day so vividly – I was a six year old with skinned knees and moss in my ponytail, living in Woodland, WA (basically in the shadow of St. Helens). I remember the time leading up to the eruption, the news reports, the anxious “what next” feeling, the community coming together to do what they could to band together to stay safe. When it happened, no one knew quite what to expect, other than to hold a sense of awe as destruction unfolded before us. I remember the rivers swollen with downed trees, flowing past us in the color of concrete. I remember writing my name in the ash on the ground, like it was fallen snow. I remember driving to a lookout in Cougar so my Dad could take photos on his birthday (May 19th). I later exposed the roll of film because I was so excited to see the pictures. I still feel bad about that, Dad.

I remember the feeling as a 20-something year old looking down from the cinder cone after climbing St. Helens. It still filled me with a sense of awe, being able to dangle my feet in an active volcano that was surrounded by signs of new life.

I write this today as a reminder: if you share memories from this day, and others leading up to today (2020, anyone?!), you’ve been though a lot. There’s more big moments of unknown to come. But on the other side, you will discover the signs of renewal and growth.

I am thinking of taking another swing at climbing her, to see what 40 years of resiliency looks like. Anyone want to join?

Till then, high fives,

Gabrielle Enfield


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