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Locally Grown Couple find Dog Heaven in Woodstock!

By Becca Barron, March 16, 2018

Ben and Briauna met while both working at New Seasons Market when Briauna was training Ben as a courtesy clerk. A true local love story! 7 years later they are married with two frisky lil rescue pups. 

First came Lily from the Oregon Humane Society at 3 months old, three years later came Albus, rescued from Northern California last year. All of a sudden the need for more space was staring them in the face. 

Having lived in Portland for most of their lives they knew what they wanted, close in, single story, recently remodeled or newer construction. It was surprising and wonderful that the second house they saw checked all the boxes and made for an easy decision. Today, the dogs are in heaven and so are their parents in their newly remodeled single level ranch in Woodstock. Congratulations Ben and Briauna!! And Albus & Lily too of course!

Becca Barron

Earth Advantage Broker

Becca Barron has been fascinated with real estate, architecture and design since she first discovered Frank Lloyd Wright. Her father is a Master Craftsman who instilled a passion for investing in one’s environment at a young age. With a degree in art education and three years teaching in the Portland school district combined with over a decade of experience as a local small business owner, Becca developed an extensive knowledge of the varied neighborhoods of Portland and the sub-pockets of communities and culture that are popping up within a ten-mile radius. In these hidden neighborhoods, you’ll find great schools, little dive bars, and farmers markets with close access to all of the beautiful Pacific Northwest nature we know and love. Becca is your key to discovering the next great place to live. For those of you ready to sell, her goal is to market your home to the largest pool of buyers possible. Utilizing creative staging, and her own background in contracting, Becca can make sure your home is ready to shine in a competitive market. Whether you’re an experienced investor, new homebuyer, or have questions about the process, Becca can be your guide to a smooth and successful real estate experience. When not real estating like a boss, she enjoys spending her time renovating her mid-century ranch in Milwaukie, hanging out with her partner and their herd of cats, watching both trashy and quality tv, and hunting for secret swimming holes in the summer.
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